Tiffany, the girl who was wearing ripped clothes in autumn.


I saw her on the first day of autumn, I pitied her on the fifth day of autumn, I talked with her for a minute on the sixteenth of autumn, had a full conversation with her on the thirty-fifth of autumn, then I loved her on the first day of winter.


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1 points #1
Chapter 1: Nice story can’t wait for the next chapter
akkey002 #2
Chapter 1: Fighting author ! Its really good
ollynaa 1 points #3
Chapter 1: I just hope that you won't have a writer's block. will wait for your next update
1 points #4
coool im looking forward this fic
Chapter 2: All 2pm members are jerks in stories lol ?
Christine227 #7
The last time you updated the story was in January! Please update soon! T.T
jt4life #8
Chapter 1: This is greaattttt~~~~~
Sun-RY #9
Chapter 1: Yaaass! Finally a fic for my tastes!! I’ve been waiting for this type of fic. I would write one myself but my writing skills aren’t really that good
mhicca #10
Chapter 1: Story is really good..but it quiete remind me of the korean drama Heir