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Baekhyun is a twenty-six year old who married a much older man. Unfortunately for him, his husband died leaving him in the hands of his five-step sons. The eldest, Park Chanyeol, hates his guts, while the youngest, Park Moonbok thinks he is his father. 


This is going to be an interesting story. Oh and this has . The pairings are Chanbaek and a little Kaisoo perhaps. Have fun reading !

To my regular readers, this is the story I had in mind and was speaking of a few days ago. 

Yay this has 1143 subs now !!

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Chapter 20: Why is it so hurt?
Chapter 18: I knew it.. I already guessed it..
Chapter 18: I knew it.. I already guessed it..
Chapter 25: Cute in a whole different level..
Where I have been for missing this,,
Dem, I have the same experience as Chanyeol and Moonbok on that special chapter, Moonbok = me and Chanyeol = my uncle, Baekhyun = my aunty..
"She's mine!" That all what I was thinking that time, the 5 years old me lol.. Now I realize how pathetic my uncle was lol..
Wonderfulday #5
Chapter 59: Just read this story.
Too much cute!!..
Love their family... Happy family, fight, but always help each other.. The most is they live their little brother too much!!..
I cant stop smiling while i read this....
Thanks authornim.. Make my day full of hapiness with your storyy >_<>_<
FreshFromCrewSatan #6
Chapter 1: This story is absolutely amazing *cries in ChanBaek* Thank you author nim <3
Chapter 59: saying i love this story is an understatement given i finished it in literally one day. thank you so much for this i cannot thank you enough.

p.s. an avid fan QLAS as well. i bow to you author-nim
Chapter 4: Oof I love this ~ ♡♡♡
Chapter 1: Ahh this is really cute i wanna read more but unfortunately I've to go to schopl T^T thank you author-nim
Chapter 59: Awww that was such a cute nd beautiful story .thank u soo much for thus wonderful piece if writing