The Journey To The Moon

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Bae Joohyun was given the mission to find the moon that was missing for months and send it back to the sky.



After fifteen months that the moon went missing, Joohyun's village decided to send her to a mission to look for where it was. Joohyun was of course not going to be alone in this journey. She'll meet with four different girls from four different villages coincidentally on the way to the moon and they are all going to completely get immersed on it. Bae Joohyun, on the other hand, had no idea that mission was a life or death matter for her.


This is a work of fiction and I completely own this story, not the people but the characters in it. All the personalities, places and events are made up. If my story happens to be similar to another one by another writer, it's merely coincidence. All rights of this story is reserved, no plagiarizing and translations allowed.


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Interesting, i love this story
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Chapter 2: Now I'm really curious. According to The Moon by The Brothers Grimm, it's a shining globe on top of an oak tree
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Chapter 1: Oh, I love this kind of concept!
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Chapter 1: Eyy never seen an idea like this before so I'm pretty pumped to see what else is coming~

yo but why'd the moon up and leave? I have a thousand questions but I'll keep them for now, because what's a good story if it doesn't inspire inquiries? This seems to be a damn well aesthetic fic (is that a thing?), so I'll just lurk around here until the next update~ :)