Something Changed

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Change is hard at first, messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end.


Hey guys! I'm a new author here and I love writing and kpop (surprise!). I decided to put this idea into words so here it is. Enjoy!

Please invite if you like it so far! 😁😘 Thanks guys!

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Chapter 2: :] I like this story..
Rooting for Yerene~
cjmoo_ 241 streak #2
Chapter 2: Must have been really hard for Yeri being the new member and suddenly having intense schedule.
Can't wait for more. :)
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Chapter 2: so it’s yeri first xD and irene feel the same but still doesnt realize hihihihi
Chapter 2: Oh my, poor Yeri, going through those feelings must be hard. She's still so young and doesn't know these things. It must stress her a lot, especially after just being added. I root for them though, Yeri and Irene.
Chapter 1: I'm always up for yerene maknae/eonni (almost like daughter/mother) relationship fanfics ???? pls update soon
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Chapter 1: ohohohoh i want more i want more xD
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yes yerene!
and wendy, come here... with me hahahha
I'm in it for YeRene!