Someone was sitting on the curb on the sidewalk, in the warm light of a lamppost, his face buried in his arms. Ha-neul could only see his blonde hair for a few seconds, then, as if the boy had noticed her presence, he...

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What do you guys think of this?
meshoweird #2
Chapter 7: Poor Haneul omg
meshoweird #3
Chapter 6: He revealed part of his name ooh
meshoweird #4
Chapter 5: :( her mother is taehyung biased
meshoweird #5
Chapter 4: Kim Taehyung this mischievous hehe
meshoweird #6
Chapter 3: He's definitely a tsundere
meshoweird #7
Chapter 1: I would have run away if I heard screams
meshoweird #8
So excited to read this!
madesunrene75ss #9