The Lost World of Lumenaria


Lumenaria is a world connected by various strings and portals to Earth, it's alternate dimension. Our high school heroin, Ivy, meets a tubby cat that's actually a treasured Fay, belonging to the world of Lumenaria. In exchange for saving his life, he grants her a Gift, a contract that bounds the two of them together for life. Ivy decides to leave her world behind for a chance to experience something new and exciting, a place where no other human has stepped foot on for over a hundred years.

And in the process, she meets 7 lookalikes she remembers all too well- their faces belonging to that of the famous KPOP group, BTS. But they're not what they seem, as they're completely different people. They speak the same language as her, and they even obtain special powers. All together they make up the Foster Kids, a group of young adults who belong to a special order to eradicate all the evil Shadows plaguing their world. Each have their own back story, and Ivy plans to get to know each and every one of them as best as she can- and possibly even have the family she's always dreamed of. 


I took these last moments to gaze up at the deep purple sky, counting as many of the bright, white stars as I could. I wanted to remember the way the sun would set so, so soon in the early afternoon almost every single day. I wanted to remember how the leaves would eventually turn various shades of yellow, orange and red before falling off and growing back a beautiful deep green just in time for spring. 

I wanted to remember all the faces of my classmates I couldn't really care much about, and all my neighbors and the friendly farmers who would stand up from bending over their crops just to wave at me as I made my trek to school.

I especially wanted to remember the faces of my various brothers and sisters, and my mother's wrinkled, grinning face. It was so easy to remember right now, but soon enough I'm afraid I'll forget all of these wonderful things I just now began to treasure in my life; the things I took for granted. 

It's not that I didn't love them or anything else about my world, I was just merely unhappy. I felt as if I were meant for this. My home, my Earth, was not the place for me. Not anymore. 

As we zipped through the pulsating crack in the sky I ingrained all these images and beautiful things I gathered in my head to the back of my eyelids, willing myself to never forget the life I grew living up in. This small town took up a big space in my heart, and as I left this world with my newly acquired companion, I also felt a part of me stay with it. 

I wiped away a stray tear and looked ahead of me, awaiting for the adventure this new life will take me on. I know it'll be tough, but I'm ready. 

I've never felt so at ease before than as I do now.


A/N ok this is something I decided to post on here bC WHY NOT?? if anyone wants to be my editor then feel free to comment or msg me or somethin bc I'm balls at grammar.

these ideas were purely made up by me and I got inspiration from a lot of fantasy novels, so if you see a similarity to something then don't be too surprised!! I'm open to taking covers too if anyone wants to make one! 

to clear something up before the story begins: BTS does take place in this story, but think of these as an alternate version of them. their personalities might be slightly altered to fit the character I'm going with, but I'll try to base them off of their real selves as best I can. their names will be different also, but they should be easy to remember. I'll write down their names here soon if you all can't remember it well! 


HELLO EVERYONE im trying to update a new chapter right now, school just started back up again and its pretty hectic. good news is that im quitting my current job due to certain reasons which means ill have more time for updates!

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Chapter 3: Oh no!!! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! I'm loving the story and hope you'll be well enough to continue it soon.
Luckytete16 #2
Will read! ^^
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i was in the middle of fighting my useless brother at 3:50am for waking me up in the middle of the night but i’m lowkey highkey thankful now or else i wouldn’t have found this aND IM NOT SUBSCRIBED YET BUT I CANT WAIT TO READ THISSSS the plot sounds so interesting and honestly the fact that you got inspiration by various ya books made it even more interesting (i also hope i’ll be able to guess said books because i love fantasy novels more than anything except for my dog) so yeah, i’m gonna read this asap when i wake up AGAIN butttt THANK YOU ALREADY FOR WRITING THIS