Artificial Flavoring


Artificial life, artificial flavoring - everything in Sana's life revolved around the likes of artificial. In a fleeting moment in time, Sana breaks the bubble of illusion and experiences something real. 

Her favorite doctor says she has a sweet tooth, and if Dr. Yoo says so then Sana has no reason to doubt it from truth. 

Dr. Yoo makes her feel real and alive.


From a simple prompt that the requester wasn't expecting, muah to her.

Also a big fat muah to subtlerub for coming up with the title and amazing description.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes and such, hope y'all like it.

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Chapter 1: Aww my hearteu..
Damn plot twist
echosthismuch #2
Chapter 1: This is so good! I love the plot twist! I never would've thought Sana was robot from the beginning.

Perfect oneshot! :)
This makes me sad. Gimme a chap 2!
144 streak #4
Chapter 1: I was expecting some type of cute dentist story, but I was pleasantly surprised! Even before seeing the notes, I was already thinking of Westworld. This had the perfect amount of detail to keep me intrigued, well written!
iloveyoo #5
Chapter 1: This was both cute and sad. Would have loved to get more background on Sana. You should make it a series ;)