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Tradition states that the eldest child of anyone affiliated with the mafia must marry shortly after their 21st birthday. Kim Misook has known this her entire life, and as her 21st birthday approaches she couldn't care less about marriage, let alone even meeting the person her father wants her to marry. She has had the same training as those under her fathers' rule, though she has never been allowed to set foot within the lower ranks. That is, until now. In an effort to prove her father wrong - and avoid an unwanted arranged marriage - she moves into the mafia base where she meets the lower ranks, led by Kris Wu.

What she soon discovers upon entering the lower ranks is that not everything is all fine and dandy. Someone is messing with them, someone is targetting specific members for reasons she has yet to discover, and what Misook soon discovers is that some of the members have darker histories than their appearances let on.

And to make matters worse, she soon finds herself in the middle of a rather hostile situation between two of the males, both wanting her attention just as much as the other. This is a problem because her father would never allow her to marry someone unworthy of her attention (well, at least unworthy in his eyes anyway). It also doesn't help that none of the boys know who she is.

What could possibly go wrong? 



I started planning this last year, and I've only just got round to actually writing it. I wrote a very large chunk of it for NaNoWriMo, but it needs a lot of editing before it'll be ready to share with you all. However, it is my primary focus right now and I am working hard on it. This will be the longest fic I've ever written and I'm already rather happy with how it's turning out. It's also the first OC x EXO fic I've written. 

Updates: I will be posting whenever i’ve finished the chapters. Most of them are already written, so updates are happening a lot faster than initially planned! 

Important: I don't think it needs to be said because it's only happened once for me, but plagiarism is not cool. Don't plagiarise work, it makes you look stupid. The last person who plagiarised my work made a worse job of telling the story than I did and I wanted to laugh. DON'T do it. 

Also important: If I'm lucky enough to receive comments from you guys, PLEASE call me Alex. Also, please don't comment any romanised Korean, it's a real pet hate of mine. I don't mind Hangul! If the site allows it of course, but please, no romanised. 


Alright, now we’re getting somewhere

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Chapter 17: Misook waking up next to Joon, is suspicious. A set up. Lol if anything did happen between her and Joon, she would've felt it downstairs.
Anyway, I'm trying to guess who the flip is the one causing all of this chaos.
istg I love Jongdae in here ^^
Chapter 16: She went from one bed with a guy to another bed with another guy xD what luck
Chapter 14: AHHHHHH KRIS
Chapter 13: Oooooh Dae has a dark past???
Chapter 12: Hi, new reader here. I kinda stumbled upon this story. The pace is a bit slow for a mafia fic (then again, it might be u just laying down the foundation of the story b4 we get to the good stuffs) but some how it's starting to speed up. It's a real who-did-it kinda story. Will be patiently waiting for the rest of the story. :)
Chapter 10: Awww has Dae got a crush already~?
Chapter 3: When I first read this story, I thought that Kris was going to be cold and aloof guy so him actually "caring" about Misook is a pleasant surprise! It's cool that he managed to catch Jongin snatching Misook's phone when Misook herself wasn't even aware of it. Speaking about Jongin, what's his deal? Is he like the infamously known resident thief? Does he have experience in pickpocketing? He really seems like bad news.
Chapter 2: Oh wow that's such a length introduction to the base and some of the members but I enjoyed it a lot! I'm especially curious to know why Minseok's name kept being mentioned? And what is it with the same surname thing that Luhan said? Hm, I wonder.

The base seems to be a cool place and quite comfy too (they get their own room omg) and it's kinda high tec. Misook's dad is the head of the mafia if I'm not mistaken? Then he must be filthy rich.
Chapter 1: I like the relationship between misook and mijung! I have a sister who's like six years younger than I am and the the maturity gap between us is too big and I'm always careful about the words that come out of my mouth when I'm speaking to her :'))) And the worst part is I can't borrow her clothes asdfghjkl (not because I grew a and chest like misook, unfortunately)

I'm actually pretty surprised that minwoo allowed misook to go to the real mafia. I got a feeling that he's really confident that she's not gonna last long and soon will succumb to his wish but I know that misook will prove him wrong!