I just do (Heechul x OC)

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Su Yung is in a rookie idol girl group and she's also a big fan of Super Junior. Her life completely turns upside down as she debuts with her band mates and encounters Kim Heechul. 

"Can you tell me one more time why you like this guy?" But how could I possibly tell them that I liked him since the first time we met?"

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Rayshun #1
Chapter 20: This was felt so real the whole story was amazing.... U r soo good dear writer....I was completely engrossed in it....ohhhh .... Loved it....?
Chapter 20: Awee this chapter is so sweet..hope you can do heechul oneshot fanfic..thanks author-nim..You're daebak?
pina__ #3
Chapter 20: Awwweeeeee again <33
hcnj24 #4
Chapter 19: omg this is so cute!!! i totally did not expect the end!! i’m even more excited for the end <3
pina__ #5
Chapter 19: Awwwwweeeeeeee
Chapter 18: Finally i've been waiting for so long thanks author-nim for update..love your story so much
Chapter 10: I literally love SY and the way you slowly develop their relationship. This is so interesting!
hcnj24 #9
Chapter 16: i’m soooo excited for the upcoming chapters!!! it keeps getting me curious on what would happen next ????
Ja_kitty #10
Chapter 16: Your writing style is really nice. I'm so excited for the next chapter... wonder what's going to happen.