Welcome to Seoul Institute for Shadowhunter! [REVEALING CHARACTERS - APPLY OPEN]


Welcome to the Seoul Institute for Shadowhunters!
An Applyfic by 382-ren

February 14, 2018

Welcome and Congratulations. You have chosen to become one of the Nephilim. Soon, if you have not done so already, you will drink from the Mortal Cup, taking into yourself the blood of angels, and you will become one of the “Shadowhunters”, named for the founder of our order. Our eternal work is the battle against the force of darkness that encroaches upon our world. We also keep the peace in the Shadow World – the hidden society of magic and magical creatures wrought by the demon we fight – and keep it hidden from the mundane world. And this now is also your charge. You are protector, defender, and knight errant in the name of angels. You will be trained to fight demons, to protect mundanes, to negotiate the complex landscape of the Downworlders – Werewolf, Vampire, and the like – that you will encounter. Your life will be spent in the pursuit of the angelic against the demonic. And when you die, you will die with glory.

If you’re reading the invitation you should know this is not all the story about. Who cares about the invitation to be a Shadowhunter when you’re already one? This story is about what happens in Seoul among the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders. Among the living who walk the earth. This is the road to protecting the mundane without them knowing and the road to protect the Shadow World. This is all because there are unknown forces trying to annihilate the living in the Shadow World.

> rules

01: Subscribe and stay subscribed if you are applying. Upvotes are loved but it won't do much. 

02: You can apply up to two characters. But only one of them can be a Shadowhunter the other one needs to be Downworlder; or if you really want both of them as Shadowhunter, you can choose the Mundane plotline and makes him/her into a Shadowhunter. 

03: No bashing at anyone. I know you guys are soft at heart. 

04: Comment every now and then and I will love you. 

05: I will accept a lot of characters and it is not really according to what I decide, as everything can change. ;) 

> author's note

I've been reading The Shadowhunters Chronicle from the Mortal Instrument to The Infernal Devices and stuck there at the moment on book two. While waiting for The Dark Artifices book to complete. So, I'm thinking to write one since I really like this dark stuff. If you guys have the same interest as me, come and apply to this angelic applyfic. lol.

Help me. I'm in middle of choosing the characters and there a lot of nice one [especially Shadowhunter] What should I do? Should I open more space for Shadowhunter? And gosh. Why Kain lives among girls? Please, if you plan to send Shadowhunter app send a male one. Kain got too many girls around.

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MinRin04 #1
Chapter 8: Ooooh a wedding ! And Noel slaying some demons ! I love it :D
Chapter 8: ^^ Thanks for choosing Noel as Kain's Parabatai~ And I really like the 'teaser' you have for Noel and Cloud. It goes from a Fairy Tale wedding, to the bride slaying some demons no sweat XD Awesome. And don't forget Kain watching in the background with some popcorn~
Chapter 8: Noel somewhat seems the opposite of Kain, but I think that's probably what would make them great partners xD
Chapter 8: Eyyy teaser with a wedding!!
Omg I'm getting really nervous for this > <
So much suspense
Chapter 4: XD I'd have a hard time too. I think it'd be fine if you opened more space for Shadow Hunters, like, Kain can have a whole Shadow Hunter gang at his arsenal (beck and call). Imagine trying to go up against Kain, and suddenly you find like 7 other Hunters behind him cracking their knuckles? XD Or something like that.
MinRin04 #7
Chapter 6: Love the teaser ! Elsie and Kaleb's interaction is great :D And Kain really needs to chill with the overprotectiveness lol.
I saw in the reviews that someone applied as Elsie's parabatai, I'm fine with it if you want to give her a parabatai ^^
I can't wait to read more !
Chapter 4: being changed???
do you mean from mundane to shadowhunter?
Hiiiii sorry but I need an extension > <
Chapter 6: Eyyy new teaser!! I like how they met because she mistook him for a vampire. Wow Kain needs to chill hahahaha he is willing to kill Keleb if he gets to close with her.