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a non-au twitter based agency
established on 122817
come blush with us!
01 : subscribe after reading all the rules, upvote if you'd like.
02 : one account per person.
03: please don't spam tl with memes, emojis, and/or rts.
04: tl is unrated but keep all s*xual things in dms and keep triggering topics off tl.
05: love wins, dating ban of 4 days & 400 tweets. move-ins are always welcome and exempt from these rules. keep in mind about minors, please.
06: no cliques or otp/facechasing. welcome and talk to all members, no selective replies.
07: s/h allowed after 24hrs of verification, max sh is 1 week, max h is 2 weeks.
08: please no drama. if there is an issue please clear it up in dms or talk with admins/base.
09: blush is a closed agency, please do not interact with outsiders, unverified members included.
10: t/ccs are allowed after 24hrs of verification. tccs last 1 day, both are allowed in intervals of 2 days.
11: strictly no blocking. muting allowed after discussing and approval from base.
12: inactivity of 2 days will result in a kickout.
13: k-idol face claims only, no internationals, actors, ulzzangs, or models, sorry! ex idols are accepted.
14: dm base for s/hs, relationships, t/ccs, or anything else. psw is your ultimate bias.
15: if any of these rules are broken, a fitting consequence will be applied.
how to join
01 : read through rules then check masterlist and wishlist.
02 : comment with your fcs name, group/occupation, and password. you may reserve for yourself and one other. reservations last 24hrs.
03 : make your account only after your application is accepted.
04 : username format is bsh(name) in all lowercase. initials allowed, numbers or special characters not allowed.
05 : if recycling an account, please make sure you have no tweets and that your f/f are both at zero.
06 : follow admins and base ONLY before mentioning to get verified. interaction allowed after 10 minutes.
07 : make sure to reach 50twts in 24hrs to officially become part of the family.
08 : have fun!
status : open & accepting
population : 50 cuties
— current maximum member count: --
admin reserved(00) taken
bap : yongguk
blackpink : chaeyoung jennie jisoo lisa
bts : jeongguk taehyung jimin
clc : yujin
exo : baekhyun sehun chanyeol
goodday : jiwon
jbj : hyunbin
loona : jungeun sooyoung
lovelyz : mijoo
monstax : hoseok
nct : doyoung
onf : jaeyoung
pentagon : hyojong hyunggu
redvelvet : yerim sooyoung joohyun
seventeen : jihoon wonwoo joshua
junhui seokmin jeonghan mingyu chan
snsd : yoona
twice : sana
wannaone : daniel seongwoo
winner : mino jinwoo
wjsn : eunseo
others : christianyu jeonhyosung
soloists : kimchungha
(*) = urgent
baekhyun : complete exo*.
jeongguk : bp's jisoo*, rv*, clc, laboum, twice, complete bts, 97liners.
joy : monsta x*, rest of red velvet.
rosé : winner's mino*, complete w1*, got7's yugyeom*, active members.
sik-k : more rappers.
woozi : seventeen*.
yeri : bts' suga*, complete rv, twice, bts, bp.
hyosung : brave girls, aoa, knk, gfriend, dean, crush, exid.
yves : loona(esp. chuu), seventeen (esp. seokmin).
name : wishes.
name x name
since 010101
name x name
since 010101
remember to subscribe to the thread to stay updated on new features and rules!

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soloist luhan
[deactivated] #2
bts jimin
please don’t make me choose.
-Kazuki #3
onf's wyatt/shim jaeyoung
- yoon dujun
-5kgjeans #4
good day’s jiwon, please! ♡
; yuta
kachoww #5
bp lisa
mayominniee 1 points #6
exo’s yoda pls- I mean chanyeol
ShxnHyxk #7
winner's jinu (jinwoo) please :)
- gdragon
jellykisses #8
twice's momo hirai
+ kang seulgi
jibootycheeks_ #9
pentagon’s edawn please !
+ doyoung.
; seventeen's hoshi please
; gmt -6
; woozi