Dealing With Park Chanyeol (Hiatus)


Byun Baekhyun's life has been nothing but wonderful and exciting.

He has two hardworking parents, a helpful older sister, and now, a full scholarship to Dukwon High, one the most prestigious high-schools in the country.

It was to be expected. Someone as smart as Baekhyun was destined to go to that kind of school. After all, he's been studying and working his whole life to get to where he's at now.

Yes, his life was perfect.

Well, maybe not so perfect after he meets rich, cocky, arrogant Park Chanyeol.



Hello! ^-^

This'll be my new story that I'll be working on for hopefully the next few months. I kinda got tired of ASR so I'll be moving onto something a little different to get my ideas flowing again! So no worries on me abandoning ASR.

I hope you enjoy!



(three days after i say ill fix my errors is when i actually fix it)

Anyway, since I deleted ASR, would anyone read a Xiumin-centered fanfic I wrote? My Xiumin feels are soaring right now...

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This story is really awesome, amazing job
madesunrene75ss #2