The Rain

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A story about the daily life of the Korean superstars, their hardships, their joy, their love life, friendships and everything in between. Focused on Rosabelle (OC) who is the first non-Korea who succeeded in the Korean entertainment industry.


I was sitting outside one of the YG studios waiting for chaerin Unnie to finish one of her many recording sessions. We decided to have dinner together but her recording session went over time which made her miss our planned time, so she asked me to come over to the YG building in order to pick her up on my way and save time. She was still discussing some work while I waited in the medium sized lounge outside the studio room.

I was busy with my phone texting sooyung unnie when the sound of laughter distracted me, making me lift my head up and look towards it's direction. Two men who I recognised as bigbang's seungri and jiyong were walking towards me still laughing as I went unnoticed. 

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ItsMinimouse #1
Chapter 4: Please update soon
wonderful ✨
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Chapter 3: thanks for the updateeee ❤️
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