The Show

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There are things that you wished you didn't see. The wish for the brain to forget and the eyes to stop crying. My heart was beating so fast at that time. My whole body was shaking. I know I shouldn't have opened the door. But I'm stubborn, I take risks. It took me a lot of courage to open the door.

I took a breath and opened the door

I was met with a heartbreaking view

My boyfriend kissing another woman

Both almost

So much for taking that risk


Someone who hurt you so much was someone you loved deeply. Knowing at the first place that he was only gonna hurt you but stubborn enough to love him. Giving him all the world but only to get stabbed at the heart. Finally finding someone who will always be there by your side, loving you till the end of time. But something was wrong, something was missing. Until you realized what was missing. Him. Can you give a person a second chance?


You never know the value of a person until they leave you. That wasn't the case for me. I know her value, she was important to me. I always love her. I look at her like she was the center of my universe because she really is. She changed myself to become a better person. She helped with my burdens and struggles. But I gave her nothing back, only pain and suffering. I didn't know that one lively drunken party would ruin my life. And just like that she was gone forever. Until I saw Her, looking happy with another man. 





I was listening to Rihanna's Take A Bow on Spotify and I got insipred. I'm really excited writing this!

Edit: I changed the name to Y/N so the readers would feel the story more :)


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