Close to You ( Crush.T )


Shin Hyosub is a struggling artist that has yet to get his big break. As a result, he’s been gradually losing hope of ever making aany kind of living off of his work. On the same night that he's decided to finally give up on his seemingly hopeless dream, he decides to go to a late-night concert at a bar as means of getting closure. That very same night, however, he ends up having a life-changing encounter with the mysterious Kim Haesol.



Hello everyone!

This is my very first shot at writing a fanfiction, and I'm rather nervous.  I'm not sure how popular Crush.T is as a pairing around here, but I think it's important to write about things that I personally enjoy, and that through doing that I might  possibly keep my writing flow naturally as I go along.

My plan is to write out my fantasy version of Crush and Zion.T's storyline as friends (and maybe something more? heheh.. ); the good and the bad they've went through together, spread over several chapters. We'll see where this takes them.

Feel free to upvote and subscribe. A comment of encouragement would be greatly appreciated, as well! ^^,
Thank you for checking this out. > <;; <3 








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starlighttt396 #1
Chapter 2: Wow, this is actually amazing! Thank you so much for publishing this story and I can't wait to read more of it. I understand the amount of guts it takes to just write and publish a story that you are obviously passionate about, being someone who sorta wrote and published the first attempt of fanfic and all - you should honestly take pride of it :)
If you have the chance to continue writing this story (cause this is such an underrated gem), I look forward to more of it :) Once again, thank you.
Anasolee #2
Me encanta, porfavor continuala ❤
Chapter 3: I can not believe you do not have a hundred comments of praise!! Your author note'saying are so cute :3 you should feel proud of yourself this is so good!! You write lovely and I can't wait to read more. I just wish I could compliment your more but I'm speechless hehe fighting!!