Bye, Dream Man.

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Baekhyun's always imagined his dream man, and Chanyeol checks all the boxes on his list. Too bad, Baekhyun can't have him.

But that doesn't stop him from trying one drunken night.

title: bye, dream man.

genre: slice of life, romance

pairing(s): baekhyun/chanyeol

word count: 2363

author's note: just a drabble i was inspired to write! i hope you all enjoy. i kind of just knocked this all out in one sitting, so if it doesn't flow too well or if there are some mistakes - i apologize but it was all written for fun. it may or may not be based off an actual story that happened in my life recently, haha. but hopefully that makes the story even more real for those that read it. thanks for reading!

disclimar: i do not own the actual people mentioned in this story - their names are merely borrowed in order to tell this story. the plot is my own and any similarities to other stories is simply coincidence. 

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Chapter 1: TT I thought it would have a happy ending ;u;
Jaeheee #2
Happy ending?
37 streak #3
Chapter 1: Sad reality it is. Actually I'm expecting for more like a plot twist huhuhiu
Chapter 1: Way to slap Baekhyun with knowledge he already had. Fabulous Chanyeol, just fabulous.
Chapter 2: Whaaaaat?!!! That was it :( ?
Chapter 1: Ohhhhhi love thissssss
Chapter 1: pls burn all the damn hot straight males that are loved by the gays, ma bbys hearts are brokhen
Chapter 1: fAn fiCTiOn ?! more like SLAP YOU IN THE FACE WITH A BRICK OF REALITY !1!1!1! i am crying salt and pepper, someone call the doctor
juicypichi #9
Chapter 1: :( it's really sad that this is more reality than fiction. thank you for writing this.
170 streak #10
Chapter 1: Yes.... this is the reality so often...... but I hate it, okay?... I‘m just the girl ,who prefers rainbows and a Happy End for everyone........ Very well done!