His Affection

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When Aerin said she didn't like skinship, she meant it. Baekhyun was touchy feely with everyone and he wasn't aware of it himself, but she in particular, wasn't very fond of it. Not because he made her uncomfortable, but for an entirely different reason.



author's note:

Hello dear reader. I have failed many times as an aspiring writer, as I can barely finish a story here on this site, let alone publish my own works outside aff. But that doesn't stop me from trying. I'm starting new and this is my way of getting back into one of my passions; writing.

The story is kind of short. The plot is quite simple. Guess you could say it's an easy read and focuses more on the development of the main character's relationship. 

The story is inspired by my own experiences, mixed with little fictious writing somewhat expanded through heavy daydreaming. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoy writing it ♡

Released: December 10, 2017


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180217: I updated! Took a while to finish but that was a long chapter. Again, there's a poll at the end lol ♡

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Chapter 1: I’m from Korea XD I have an English name (some Koreans have an English name) Guess what? My English name is Aerin! XD and my Korean name is Yuna! (I have two Korean names I don’t know why...) my other Korean name is : Yerin
I like your story .keep it up