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"Wouldn't it be cool if we had a younger brother group?"


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"Wouldn't it be cool if we had a younger brother group?"

Somehow, Jung Hoseok and Min Yoongi managed to convince BigHit Ent that it was a good idea to debut a second boy group. Using the reasoning that BTS brought in enough income to cover costs of debuting the new group, it was nearly impossible to refuse them. And when confronted about publicity and promotions, Hoseok pointed out that everyone was watching BigHit because of BTS, and Yoongi added that BTS could also lowkey promote their brother group in their activities. 

There was just no winning against them. BigHit caved. 


Yes I know I am constantly starting applyfics and this is my second bighit new boygroup appfic (no it is not connected to SUPERNOVA) but what can I say??? I have so many ideas ;_; 

Tentatitive deadline: Feb 17

+ KNG updt: new deadline since I haven't been active here for a while. Please turn in apps by April 1. This is the final deadline (probably)

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Chapter 2: weeps because i've been working on my app for over a month but alas i now only have one section to finalize :^) unfortunately though these next two weeks will be my exam period and i'm so incredibly slow welp but i'll check over everything again and most likely send in my app soon, so i hope you're ready to read about the powerful king !!
Lelenati32 #2
Chapter 4: Can I apply?
Chapter 3: Thank you for reviewing Tae <3
You're using the right picture, don't worry~
Chapter 1: So I'm applying for the Playful King and he's listed as the Jess rapper, vocal, and dance, but as triple threat in parenthesis. Should i use lead talent twins for all three or just rapper?
Chapter 2: hiya! i was working on my app and wanted to ask you if it's okay to use k-hip hop artists and kr&b artists as talent twins. i felt like some of their voices were really fitting and some songs could be used as inspiration + for mixtapes and solos, but i just wanted to make sure beforehand just in case! would that be alright with you or do you prefer traditional idols for convenience? thanks in advance!
Chapter 4: all i have to say is

((like how jackson said that one time lol))
Chapter 4: That's hella cute oh my god whispers ship ship ship
Chapter 1: definitely interested in this! hopefully i can get my application in soon, but until then, i'll be looking forward to everything!
Chapter 3: fix it!! hopefully the excerpt about his romantic traits fits your needs lol XDD
Chapter 3: hahaha, im glad you like my lil
my pride and joy if you will (if you can even call him that)
btw, can you see seunghwan hanging out with aeri and jineul getting jealous? lol sorry not sorry

i'll fix the romantic thing for you, i- actually forgot about the trait, but i also mentioned a bit with his romantic-ness through his trivias, or at least i think, so i thought that'd be okay, but just in case, ill add something else to the personality about romantic for ya :')

psss let him continue to think speaking french is manly, let him make an of himself oh wait...he already does ;;;