Puppet Strings


How do you save someone that doesn’t want to be saved? 


This is inspired by You In Me and by my friend who is having issues with her boyfriend regarding… control.

(I love her and all but she’s a trainwreck. Get your life together, girl!)


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Chapter 1: Honestly, she's supporting him to be better but a bit too much? I love how she's manipulative like she was in You In Me MV and he follows her and complies like the MV too.
I loved this, I wish you'd make a continuation, of him getting enough and breaking up and then they make up after she learns her mistakes.
Chapter 1: I like this
Jseph doesn't seem to mind the control but it can get really bad sometimes
Chapter 1: Jiwoo is so controlling here. But I love it that Jseph seems to not dislike it. My C&M heart is soooo happy. Thank you. ♡♤