Chapter 4

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Eunha wakes up from her sleep. She stared blankly at the ceiling and blinked for a moment before she realized something that was unfamiliar in her eyes. It’s not her ceiling bedroom. She quickly gets up and checks on herself. She is wearing a white nightgown. ‘Since when did I change my clothes into this?’ She thought. Eunha looked around her. She is not in her bedroom. This room is bigger than her bedroom and the design is very different.


Her bedroom just has a simple design, but this room looks more luxurious and antique with the classic design. “Where am I?” Eunha quickly gets off of the bed. She looked around the room again and her eyes caught something on the wall. There's a large photo of someone. She looks at the photo closely and frowns. “Her face... Isn’t this me?” Eunha stares at the photo. “But I never take a photo like this and look at how she's dressed, the style looks kind of old fashioned.” She mumbled.


“Creaakkk!!!” Eunha flinch and quickly turns when she hears the sound of a door creaking behind her. Her chest suddenly pounding so hard. She just stood there waiting for someone to enter the room, but no one came in. Slowly she walks towards the door. She hesitated to pull the doorknob. Eunha looked outside the room, there’s no one in front of the door. “Should I just go out?” Eunha just stood in front of the door. “But I can't stay here in this house.” She must find a way to get out of here.


Eunha gathers some courage before slowly steps out from the room and silently closes the door. She makes her way to the hallway then she looks outside through the windows of the hallway. This house has a large courtyard, there also has a water fountain in the yard. 'Well, this house is quite big. Is this a villa? Where's the main door?' Not long after that she saw a large door not far from her. Gladly, there's no one there.


Eunha quickly walks fast towards the door but someone’s voice from behind makes her freeze. “Oh, you’re up already?” Her mind suddenly recalls something after hearing that voice. ‘Isn’t this voice...’ She hesitated to look back. ‘It’s him! That wizard!’ Eunha surprisingly looks at him. He just gives her a warm smile. “Come on, let’s have breakfast together, my lady.” Somehow she didn't turn him down. Eunha slowly reached his hand and let him hold hers. Then they walk to the dining room.


In the dining room, there is a long table that has been served with a variety of delicious food. Eunha stared blankly at the dining table. "Before that, I'll show you some magic!" A warm smile still keeps on his face. "Close your eyes." He said again. Eunha just obeyed and followed what he said. She closed her eyes. A few moments later, he asked her to open her eyes back. Eunha was surprised when she realized that her white nightgown had already changed into a beautiful white dress. Though the dress was old-fashioned, it really suits her.


“You look really pretty. Do you like it?” He approaches her. Eunha just nodded. “Please sit, my lady.” He pulled the chair for her. She sits on the chair and thanks him. Then he just replied with a sweet smile. “Now let's eat.”

“Master...” Someone suddenly called him out of nowhere. When Eunha just about to turn to look...






Suddenly everything becomes blank.



“Hah!” Eunha wakes up again from her sleep. She took a deep breath. It really feels suffocating. She gets up and sits on her bed. It's not the same dream! Who is that girl? Why does everything seem real like she was in her position? Come to think again about the big photo in the room, what does it look like? “Urghhh! I can’t remember it, my memory!” She let out a little sigh. Eunha tries hard to recall her memory in the dream but everything now seems blurry. The most important part is that she also forgot about that wizard’s face.


"Oh no, I forgot again!” Eunha bites her lips. She feels disappointed with herself. She looks through the window. There’s heavy rain and continuous lightning outside. She lay back on her bed. Eunha looks at the ceiling and stares at it blankly. She knows the fact that a dream only can last for just a few seconds, and they’ve been known to last for between 5 to 20 minutes. However, most of the dreams are quickly forgotten and around 95 percent of dreams are forgotten by the time a person gets out of bed. But deep in her thought, she hopes that she can rememb

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