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The same dream

A weird dream

Deep in the forest

There's a big white bungalow

A white bird

In the cage

There's no way

It can’t escape

But it sang happily


Until suddenly someone appears behind the cage.


"What happened? You look so happy today?" A guy with a long coat asked the bird. A small smile appears on his face.

"Owh, master! I'm sorry I didn't realize you're here. Urm, nothing.. I just had a nice dream last night." That white bird looks at his face.

"Nice dream? What is it?" The guy who's called as master takes the watering pot and watered the flowers in the pot that hangs all over the veranda.

"I dreamed that I became a human!"

"Uhh…" He flinched a little and stopped watering the flowers. Then he turned towards the bird.

"Master, what is the feeling of being human? Are they happy? Well yeah, since they can do whatever they wish, right master?" The little bird feels excited to know.


The guy just smiles a little. He slowly approached the cage where the white bird lived.


"Not everything is as beautiful as you imagine." He murmured.

"What do you mean master?" Aren't they supposed to be happy because they were able to feel how to love and be loved by someone?" The bird is still wondering.

"You'll never understand. Humans

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