Diary of Zhang Yixing


Zhang Yixing always had dreams of opening his own flower shop in South Korea, in hopes of meeting his Prince Charming When his life seems to going in the right track, is when he meets cold-blooded Mafia boss Oh Sehun. It's clear that Yixing can't stand him, despite the charming looks.

It isn't until Sehun saves him from a rivaling gang that Yixing discovers who actually Oh Sehun is. Can the florist and the Mafia boss fall in love in peace? Or will they forget this love and move on?


Story cover credit to _Kim-e!!!! 


"If you can't even say you like me, why do you bother coming?!"

Yixing glares at the man before him. His tiny fists balled up, tears streaming his face. Sehun stands expressionless. He knew it all along. Sehun was just another man who thought he could play with Yixing's feelings. "I... I-" "Just go! I'm already embarrassed that I said what I said! You don't have to embarrass me anymore." 

The tiny florist turned around, wiping his eyes, small sniffles being heard. He quietly sobbed in his hands, not hearing the sounds of expensive shoes walking their way to him. It wasn't until an embrace of endearment, made him look.


"But I love you."


Zhang Yixing, Seoul's Chinese florist. Many elderly are his closest friends. He came to Korea five years prior, in hopes of opening a flower shop to meet his childhood friend. His best friend is Park Chanyeol, who is a hitman in the Oh Gang. For an odd reason, Yixing can't tolerate with Sehun, despite many others who treated Yixing worse.

Oh Sehun, the boss of the Oh gang. He is one of the headaches of Yixing, though all he does is speak in smartass. From his past, he described himself as a 'mass killing machine'. From hints, it tells of Sehun's past. Past that, Sehun does have a heart, that was changed from a close friend, who is his best friend as well, Park Chanyeol. His rival is Kim Jongin. Their past is yet to be revealed.

Park Chanyeol, the hitman of the Oh gang. He knew Yixing ever since he had been in high school. Chanyeol loves to tease Yixing and cause destruction to the shop. He never told Yixing of his gang afflictions in fear the other would be disappointed. His partner is Byun Baekhyun.

Byun Baekhyun, the brains of the Oh gang. He usually is in charge of seducing for information. This doesn't mean he has not fired a gun. He has his share, though it is the least compared to Chanyeol's and Sehun's. At first, he was introduced as the man who cleaned Sehun's mess. He covered for Chanyeol, his partner, who was scared to enter in fear of revealing his affliction. Rivals with Zitao of Wu Gang.

Kris Wu, the boss of the Wu Gang. He wants the jewel, thinking it as a piece of Chinese history and it's worth. Information processing.

Lu Han, the brains of the Wu Gang. Unknown when he moved. Once in love. Information processing.

Huang Zitao, the hitman of the Wu Gang. Pursued Yixing in hopes he joined the Wu Gang. He has a close relationship with Kris. His rivalry is with Byun Baekhyun. Information processing.


Kim Minseok, the boss of the Kim Gang. Very cold and not as squishy as Yixing would imagine him to be. Later their friendship blossoms and they become close. Once was in love. Information processing.

Kim Junmyeon, the brain of the Kim Gang. Nags at Jongin for small ups. Extremely nice and wishes to take care of Yixing, not because he is a jewel but because Junmyeon believes Yixing deserves to not dragged down. Junmyeon is the same age as Yixing and treats him as a brother. Information processing.

Kim Jongin, the hitman for the Kim Gang. Rivals with Oh Sehun. Had a certain incident as mentioned that caused Sehun to allow Jongin to beat him to death. Jongdae was his lover

Do Kyungsoo, son of the fallen leader of the Do clan


Kim Jongdae, said to be dead, shot by Sehun, Jongin's lover



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Guys I don't want to do this but... Look up Li Chen the actor. That's the man I put in my story... I kind of assumed you guys would figure out I was just pulling your leg but it seems that you guys didn't really get it...

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Baektao YAY! Sorry to baek but Chansoo is my ultimate so no for you mate.
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Chapter 25: So Li Chen is really Chen...???!!!

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Chapter 1: This looks so cute and i really cant wait to start reading it once i have time ;;u;;
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Chapter 24: Does it mean Li Chen is another person? I'm confused. I bet the person that chanyeol seeing is kyungsoo
Chapter 24: well, that was unexpected
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Chapter 24: my life is a lie
i thought jongdae was alive ???
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Chapter 23: BAEKTAO
something tells me the M in the next chapter will be for baektao
or maybe layhun
Chapter 23: Aww my babies ;-;
Chapter 23: Not you too Tao! OMG this is too much lol

Can't wait for the next chapter then lol I hope the M is for Hunlay if not then Kaixing please XD