He was my mate.

There was no doubt about that.

Everyone was just obvlious of that fact.

And he . . .

. . . he was oblivious to the pain he was causing me.

Or maybe, he just didn't give a damn.

*Rated for profanities and sarcasm





       “Fine,” I muttered, slamming my fists onto my desk as I stood up.

       I was speaking to him, hoping he’d understand. I didn’t even spare him a second glance as I grabbed my things and walked out of the classroom.

       If he wanted to reject me, then I would just have to reject him back.


Author's Note:

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

- N


I can't believe all the love I've received for this story from the advertisement! I've been having a bad day and week, but you all made it better! I have a lot of homework and a big project I'm working on right now, but when I'm done, I will definitely update! Thank you all so much! ❤️
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