This, Right now, and Whatever Lies Ahead


The story of how nine people got together, became friends, and got through life.


Jesse Jung and Taeyeon Kim (both of them are guys) are best friends. They'll be graduating this year. What lies ahead would be the story.

Taeyeon and Jesse are much taller than Sunny, Tiffany, and Seohyun. But Sunny, Tiffany and Seohyun maintains their heights, so as not to get confused :)

(I don't really know how to write a teaser...)

(I thought Taeyeon's name would fit a male or a female, so I didn't change it.)

(I hope this goes well. ^^)

(Right Now, From Now On, Forever, Girls' Generation!)

I am actually done with the tenth chapter but something about it doesn't feel right. I am having a hard time fixing it. TT

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Chapter 11: I just read it again... I feel bad for Tiff if Jesse gave a chance to Yoona. You should continued this, u left us hanging just when the thing is getting interesting here... Fighting!! :))
nathanchen #2
continue soon authornim i love your story
Chapter 11: Oh please! You should continue this fic. Please. Kk. A fic that includes a manjess is very rare and most of those fics are abandoned or discontinued so I'm hoping that this wouldn't end up like those fics. I love the flow of the story though the plot is a bit mysterious but that's what makes the story more interesting and thrilling because no one knows what would happen. I know you're a great writer so I believe that you could make a better progress for the story as it goes on. I read this fic from the very beginning so I will read it till its ending. Fighting!
Chapter 11: Are u kidding me?!! This story is super extremely interesting!! It's even one of my favorites <3 so pls continue this story~~~~
So,,,, yoonsic? XD
Chapter 11: Honestly JeTi is so sweet . Please don't hurt fanny. U author. I am sure Jeti is in love . Yoona should leave them alone.
Chapter 11: Just don't hurt the bubly Stephanie, Jung.
Chapter 10: Jesse, don't hurt Tiffany whatever lies ahead! Kk
yenthuong #8
Chapter 10: I don't even know which one I want more, JeTi or YoonSic, maybe I'm leaning a bit more towards JeTi.
Chapter 9: Jesse and yoona... cant wait! xD
Imjessica #10
Chapter 9: Drama is coming...