Full Moon

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In which Joohyun's a vampire. And Seulgi? The poor girl just wants to make friends. 


"Um.. are you alright?" Seulgi inched closer to the pale girl who was lying against the wall in the dark and quiet alley. She gasped when the girl whipped her head to look at her, and that was when Seulgi realized she got herself in deep . 

Oh and she meant, deep . 

"G- great. You're a.. vampire." 


A/N: I came up with this story idea at 1am because red velvet's teasers for "peekaboo" gave me some vampire vibes :') 

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XxSkyxX #1
Chapter 3: hey, just here to tell you this cuz i think i'll forget later lol

it's 'convenience store', baby.
Chapter 7: Rip my vision on softie vampire Joohyun who immediately turns into a beast (BUT BEAUTIFUL)
I hope she wouldn't hurt Seulgi T//T
Chapter 1: ".. I have ten kids.." LMAO
cjmoo_ 202 streak #4
Chapter 7: That's a scary-looking Joohyun... How come she got so triggered by Seulgi though, to the extent she killed another policeman? :/
Ugh... Its getting darker.. I hope it will ot continue...
Yumin2 #6
Chapter 7: Wow....... I'm speechless.... Shiet D:
unknown237 #7
Chapter 7: But still Irene look so hoooottt goodness hahahaha
unknown237 #8
Chapter 7: wat daaaatime heckkkk oh my goshhhh, speechless
pamucchi #9
Chapter 7: Oh no I just read this and now things just got dark all of a sudden oooohhhhhg exciting!!
Chapter 7: Well , look who knows now. ;-;

let's just rewind time and go back to the fluffy , shall we?

(she says while grinning her off sadistically at the increasingly dark character development)

^^^ my mood while reading this fic honestly