Dimple.   ╱   Now Accepting Reservations.


rules & regulations.
One : Subscribing to the thread is mandatory. upvotes are optional.
Two : cliques and seperate groups are prohibited. please do try your best to not leave anyone out of this rolpelay, allow for all members to feel welcomed.
Three : don't be biased! no face chasing is allowed, dating ban of three days with 300 tweets. mention or message base if getting into a relationship. move-in couples are always welcome!
four : this is a semi-literate roleplay, please refrain from spamming the timeline with emojis and memes. keep both at minimum.
five : ccs and temporary ccs are allowed, there are no certain amount of days. but, do not abuse this rule.
does your faceclaim have a dimple? yes or no?

six : triggering words or topics that are seen on timeline will be addressed quickly. please message base about any concerns that happen to be against you or may hurt you.
seven : keep out of character talk in brackets, this is not a free lance roleplay, keep out of character talk at minimum.
eight : act your faceclaim's age. do not attempt to ualize minors if your face claim is an adult. be aware of who everyone's age is, please.
nine : the timeline is rated pg-16. no slurs or racist terms are to be seen on timeline, nasties go straight to dms.
ten : we only accept faceclaims that are involved in k-pop.
eleven : if the faceclaim you temporary cc to is reserved, must switch back to original faceclaim.
twelve : lastly, enjoy your time here! we plan on making this community last long.  
how to join.
one : check the masterlist below to see if your desired face claim is available. not sure on who to be? check out the wishlist!
two : comment your reservation with your group, your face claim, the password and your timezone.
three : once your reservation has been accepted, you'll have 24 hours to create your account and mention base! you can always have an extenstion up to 48 hours.
four : the username format is @namedpe or @dpename, all lowercase and no nicknames, please. we prefer the idol's real name, but, stage names are alright too.
five : follow base and all of the members. then, mention base for verification! we'll see you soon, keep smiling.

admin. temporary cc. reserved00.

bangtan boys : taehyung, jeongguk, jimin20
dia: jueun21
gugudan: sejeong21
loona : jinsoul21
nct : jaehyun.
pristin: kyulkyung21
red velvet : joohyun, yerim
seventeen: wonwoo21
twice: sana21
wanna one: jihoon20, daniel21




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boys rep suwoong svp merci
redsilk #2
blackpink’s jennie!
+8, yes.
skvld- #3
loona's choerry, please
+7, no
red velvet's park sooyoung.
plus eight, and no.
gaIaxy #5
dia's jueun, please. / +8, no.
vicodin #6
wannaone's daniel
gmt-4 / no
keyboards #7
may i reserve seventeen's wonwoo please, thank you.
+ 7, no.
gugudan's sejeong

+ 8 / yes
petaIuma #9
twice's minatozaki sana, please.
minus five, no.
sodiums #10
pristin's kyulkyung
gmt+8 , nope.