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Aera was possessive and yet Sehun didn't know and he was possessive and she knew it. But, they fall in love. Oh, wait! Not to each other but to two other people. 


What will happen when the two's fate get tangled again? Will they be able to secure their love or will they find love in each other? Something that would be different from their previous relationship.



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Chapter 19: Sehun i guess he starting to like Aera now . he didn't even appreciate aera at first
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Chapter 18: He definitely is jealous . sehun it's your fault that you didn't get to see the real aera
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Chapter 18: yups... he is jealous
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sooo excited
myungsoobaekhyun 1 points #6
Chapter 17: Hiiiiiiiiii !! Sorry for my super late comment ><
Myungsoo is so boyfriend material , but i ship aera with the oh so jerky -is that even a word- sehun moreㅠㅠ , i don't know why *ironic* i mean bad boy seems more interesting than super kind boy lols right (?) Eventhough i would like to see sehun and aera reconcile , but at the same time i feel bad for myungsoo ... and aera's dad and stepmom is just so ughhhh
And i really really like your storyyyyyy♡ , can't wait to see what will happen next !!

And because i ship sehun with aera hmm their ship names could be SeRa..HunRa .. AeHun(?)... HunAe (?) .. why am i so bad at ship names ㅡ.ㅡ
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Chapter 17: Lol the group chat is so funny this 4 best friend is the cutest haha XD sehun sorry wont fix anything unless you do it sincerely
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Chapter 17: sehun and aera.... sera.....
i want sehun and aera to love each other....
thanqu fr updating...
BlackCherry15 1 points #9
Chapter 16: Man, the dad was desperate for money because he's poor? Gold digger, much? Probably the same thing with the stepmother. I hope our heroes find a way out of this and expose the evil couple someday...
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Chapter 16: Poor Aera, I hope she will be fine