Playful Fate


What will happened when the biggest trials in their life comes? How can the PAST ruin the PRESENT when it seems to be so perfect??


Could It Be Love At First Sight?

Meeting him is one of the good things that happened in my life. But having him in my arms is the best thing.

Everything is settled already. Everything is in place. They’re happy and contented on what they have on the present time. Painful memories that happened in each others lives was already buried deep down the ground. But what if one day one secret would be revealed, a secret from the past that might ruin the present so as the future. What will happened? 

Could he be carried away with his feelings for his past love?

Could he just easily give up because of all the pain that's killing him slowly?

Or  Could they both fight till the end?


Im gonna try all my luck on writing a Jinwhi Deephwi Lee Daehwi Bae Jinyoung centered fic. 

Hope you can give it a try and be with me in this journey. Let's see, where will this take us.




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