Wendy doesn't get it, until she does!


For Kang Seulgi she'd do anything to get Son Wendy notice her feelings for her. She's tried just about everything so far but Wendy is one oblivious hamster. Luckily this bear does not quit. Seuldy, oblivious Wendy/ Aware Seulgi

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cjmoo_ 205 streak #1
Chapter 1: I continue loving your stories.
I'm surprised that Joohyun hasn't killed Yeri and Joy ahahah
I laughed at Mrs Lee's answer. How does that work xD
68 streak #2
Chapter 1: Seuldy is gag couple for me..sweets
Chapter 1: can i be on the floor and in a happy place too? lol

i don't know what's more entertaining (frustrating), a slow seulgi or an oblivious wendy. maybe, if it's both. haha.

that love letter is really sweet though.

thank you!
Chapter 1: i barely made it through this fic.....its so pure at the end and outright funny throughout i almost died. its so hard to picture wendy as the dense one especially with how obvious seulgi was being during the story (she wrote a whole song for u girl u better marry her!!!!). joy and yeri antagonizing irene was almost my favorite part bc how blunt they were in tearing down her image and how her mother instincts kicked in and she just chased them to teach them a lesson lol. seulgi calling irene her weekend gf oh my god, this aint the fic for that seulgi u gotta wait to have two gfs ok dont be greedy!!! and that possessive wendy at the end oh yes a+++++!