Looking for admins to open up a Riverdale Themed Roleplay: Please, pleeeeease read. It's not one of those "just another roleplay."

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I know what you're thinking even after reading the title, "it's just another roleplay." No it's not. I am looking for 2 more admins for this roleplay, everything is set up and ready to go. This roleplay that will open is striving for serious writers, those who have the passion to write , and keep writing, hear me out will ya?

Riverdale is focused on it's mysteries, and killers on the lose, as well as it's famous newspaper articles and high school detectives. What we want is to ensure the same kind of feeling for this roleplay, we want to be a more serious that doesn't just focus on cliques, or meet a certian standard just to be "in." Riverdale accepts everyone and anyone; we want a friendly-ish environment, and I say friendly-ish because Riverdale is also full of drama, but you know what I mean. I will give more information to those who are interested, I just hope that you can understand my standards of this roleplay and my own passion and image for this, some people may think it's silly to have such a great passion like that, but I miss writing and for real for real roleplaying; I'm a very dedicated person despite being busy OOC, but in order ensure our members, and ensure that longevity that we would all like, I'm more than decdicated to this. Like I said, I have great things in mind for this roleplay, so if you could hear me out, please message me here for more information. Thank you.

  • Platform: Intsagram
  • Theme: Riverdale
  • Faceclaims: All
  • $exualities: All
  • Event: Name it and we'll do it!
  • Activity: Long lasting!
  • Roleplays: YES!
  • Admins: Need dedicated Admins!
  • Strict?: Medium but when push comes to shove, Max.
  • Suggestions?: Yes, we take suggestions for our roleplay into consideration, and thrive to do better for our members.
  • Passion: Over the meter.

Why did you chose Instagram as a platform? 
Because if we want a longevity, we can't risk our member constantly getting disabled when Facebook is on their period. A consistent amount of people get booted off even after following the same routine over and over again, you can't just escape from that, to be quite honest. Knowing me, the probability of my account getting disabled within the week is about  99.99% I just don't want to risk that and having the roleplay go to waste along with my hard work dedication.

Why did you chose Riverdale?
Riverdale comes in all shapes and sizes, just as we do and we can relate to probably anyone in there. We can let out our inner selves and put our characteristic traits within our character, rather than having to roleplay exactly like that idol, (Which is probably impossible since most of us are the Vitamins); and not meet "expectations" of others.

Why are you so determind/dedicated?
That my friend is because more than a handful of people are looking to write and have serious roleplays, such as myself. I want to build a "home" for that sort of thing, because I myself have been looking for a home where I can have serious writing, and I have been missing it terribly. Before this I would join andjoin other roleplays back to back and then leave because it was all the same. (no offense, really, i mean no offense, it's a personal preference) I have a personal AFF where I used constantly update my stories, but the lack of roleplays, the lack of people not wanting to roleplay anymore, (no offense) has literally got me writers block. I met someone about 2 months ago, and started up a serious roleplay among our characters, and that's when I felt it, how cool and amazing it felt to roleplay again, and I know that most people feel that way too and want feel that thrill of roleplaying.

What happens if this roleplay doesn't work out as you planned?
If this doesn't work out as planned than there was no harm in trying, when you're filled up with so much energy, and high motivation, you can't let that go to waste, but you can't give up either. I really do hope that it does meet expectations, because I have so many ideas and a clear image of what I want to, and I think that if I start doing it, I can modivate others to do the same, and have the same feelings as me.


Head Admin, Camila.


If you don't know Riverdale here's a small copy and paste summary: 


After the death of one of the rich and popular Blossom twins on the 4th of July, the small town of Riverdale investigates the murder. The beginning of a new school year, that brings with it new students, relationships, and reveals the mysteries of the past 4th of July. The quiet little town of Riverdale is turned upside down after it is struck with the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, a popular high school student and member of the most powerful family in town. Archie and his friends explore the struggles of everyday life in a small town while taking on the haunting case of Jason Blossom. But in order to solve this mystery, the rag tag group of friends must first unlock the secrets that lie buried deep beneath the surface of their hometown. Riverdale may not be as innocent as it appears. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead band together to find the mysteries behind Jason Blossom's murder.

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