Hoodies Are Serious Business


Where the heck did Sungyeon's hoodie went off to?


This is what happens when you can't sleep, and need to write something short and sweet to fill the void in your 99line heart. ┐(´д`)┌

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allysara 1 points #1
Chapter 2: omg..that was so cute!!!can all of them be any cuter?don't answer that..lol
ahh...my fluffy heart is contend.thank you for writing such a simple yet so much fluff story.
stellakwon91 #2
Chapter 2: this is so adorable
i cant stop smiling when i reading this
we need more 99line
Frozenwandy 1 points #3
bullysungyeon 1 points #4
Chapter 2: waaahhh your fics are the only thing keeping me alive in this 99line drought thank you author!!!! please write moreeee
1 points #5
Chapter 2: This is freakin adorable, i love it. The two of them flirt a hell of a lot more than i ecpected (and damn, bae Sungyeon is smooth) and i love this characterisation. Normally people write the maknaes as shy and clueless, but i love this so much better. Can't wait to see what else Yewon steals from Sungyeon, maybe a kiss? :)
_bakunawa 1 points #6
Chapter 1: bless you for providing us with such quality content, author-nim
aexta- 1 points #7
Chapter 1: aaaaa that was so cute alshflsjfl
i’ve always had a soft spot for the 99 line nghh i love them so much
and i laughed at siyeon’s line at the end ahahha
thanks for writing this!!
Tr-LY0607 1 points #8
Chapter 1: Awww... Cuteness overload with a blushing Sungyeon and flirting Yewon~! And lol Siyeon's English XD
Thanks for the story, author-nim! It helped fill the emptiness of my 99ine heart too!