Under Her Spell

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How will the enchanted hearts be brewed with a dash of lovestruck penguin spiced by a dense tiger cub?


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Under Her Spell (NOUN)

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I have a surprise for the next chapter but I'm not certain if everyone will enjoy it, but either way I'll do it. I've hinted it in the latest chapter and it may take some time to finish everything including the possibly long chapter 27, but I hope you guys won't mind. Again, thanks for the support!!

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0 points #1
Chapter 26: Author-niiim~ ( ಥ_ಥ)
noelloveme72 #2
Chapter 26: i m waiting for ur update(ಥ_ಥ)
Baeksejussi #3
Wow!! Your writing skill is amazing! How many stories have you made?
renegadetokki #4
Chapter 26: When I mean All I’ve been waiting for was this update I MEAN ALL IVE BEEN WAITING FOR WAS THIS UPDATE (cries) I love thise series so much... TT Thank you so much for your hardwork as always
hafizyeon02 #5
Chapter 26: ??
Chapter 26: I want to reread this chap again n again ??
A good question would be can she get a refund on that flight she missed? And will that taxi driver ever be payed? All the jokes aside yasssss fluffy MiChaeng moments are back~ I sure hope there ain't no angsty drama left *wink wink*
Oncexoxo #8
Chapter 26: Ok everything is great but wait... what about a cab and plane that Mina booked :D
Chapter 26: Am I the only one who still want that atleast Chaeng need to show her love to Mina? I mean Mina's really struggle alot, suffering too much, but still she's the one who was always make a move first. Meanwhile Chaeng doesn't even know her feeling, she's always unsure but boooom Mina still back to her.
I just find it unfair for both side, I know I want a happy ending for them, but really Mina deserve better, Chaeng should fight for Mina.
Thank u for update ~
SooyeonKim0918 #10
Chapter 26: O M G THEY KISSED!!!!!!!!! *dorkydance* I can imagine the scene where Chaeng was sobbing..... like a kid lol xD Thank you for updating ^^