is it brotherly love or romantic love?


Kang Sunghoon question himself if his feeling towards Eun Jiwon is just a brotherly love or more to romantic love. Will he ever find an answer for his question? There's a hint of jionjin, jionjyong and leamak cuz i just love pairing jiwon with all of the members


Hey. Its my first time trying to write a ff and im sorry if its not good(TT) english is my second language but sometimes my words can be messy and weird so please bear with it! Its a fanfic that center on EunKang but other ships is visible too. I tried to make it from hoony pov but there are jiwon's pov and jaijin's pov and suwon and jaeduck's pov too. Gosh what am i saying. All in all(lol), just enjoy it and tell me if its boring! Enjoy~

i know, and i'm sorry. i got too busy with my works and didn't have time to update the story on time. but here's the extra chapter as i've promise~ but the next chapter might be a little late from the usual. i'll try my best to update it as fast as i can, so thanks guys for waiting~
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