My Melodious Silence


Getting to know idols is never easy, but what if the very idols who haunt her dreams has her haunting theirs?

"What dreams? Oh, of being a songwriter of course. Or were you referring to the other dreams? The one where I'm struggling to save the life of my one inspiration, Kwon Jiyong? Or the one where his always ends with me lying in my own bloodbath?" -Song Indigo 




26 year old Song Indigo is no ordinary fan, in fact she probably isn't one of the millions who fawn over one of the hottest Kpop boy groups known worldwide. Her humble wish is to learn composing from the leader of Big Bang, Kwon Jiyong. 


While sharing her joy of music with Jiyong, their fate intertwines with none other than his group mate, Seungri, whose charms has Indigo bedazzled like never before.


People often say that dreams are just figments of our imagination... pshh... there's definitely no such thing as premonition dreams. Or are there?



Hello there, the name's Jay. This is one of my first attempts at writing a full length fan-fiction and I'm so excited!!! Although this is supposedly fan-fiction, even if you aren't very familiar with Big Bang, this can still be read as a normal fictional story. Asides from the real life characters, Big Bang and possibly other famous characters further on in the story who exist in real life, other characters created or events that occur in this book are purely fictional and any semblance to people, your relatives, friends, dogs, mice are purely coincidental

Thank you for noticing this book and sparing your time to read it. It's my first time writing longer than a chapter so if there are any grammatical, spelling or sentence structural errors, do leave a comment and I'll be happy to rectify the problem! Hope you enjoy this book and be sure to subscribe, comment or whatever it is you do here on asianfanfics  ? I post on Wattpad as well under the username jayxday so if you could check it out there too and vote it would mean a LOT!




Celine Shin as SONG INDIGO

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G-dragon as KWON JIYONG (stage name: G-dragon


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Seungri as Lee Seunghyun (stage name: Seungri

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Hello there, this book will be updated every Tuesday starting from the 4th of December, if you'd like to read the book before that date, please do read it on Wattpad under the username jayxday, or you can just search for the story's title on Wattpad. Thank you for noticing this book!


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