A Shot At Redemption
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It took Luhan a moment to take in the things unraveling before him. He didn't understand what's happening, yet deep down he had a feeling, a hunch. He followed her trail, each step faster than the one before it as he nears the door. Baekhyun, whom he noticed to be looking at the direction Sunhee went to, turned around as he heaves a sigh, causing Luhan to witness the shift in his demeanor. The glimmer he saw in his eyes earlier is now replaced by guilt. Luhan didn't question him, and Baekhyun didn't bother to make small talk. The latter proceeded to give him a curt nod before he joins his friends, while Luhan speed walks his way to look for her.


When he got outside, he found Sunhee sitting down on the bench in the garden of the hotel where the photoshoot will take place. She has her eyes closed, the rays of the afternoon sun directed on her as she takes in the warmth it gives off. There's a sense of peacefulness in her that radiated through her face, and it made Luhan feel at ease. He watches her from where he's standing, finding it amusing how she so suddenly took off, and how seeing her act like that awoken something inside him, something he's been trying hard to suppress.


He had known Sunhee enough to know what kind of person she is, and the rarity of this moment bewildered him. When he met her, he knew that she was the type of person who has beliefs and stood by them as long as she isn't stepping on anyone's toes. He can tell that behind her friendly smile and her cool and composed exterior that she had been beaten and dragged down, yet she always manages to get back up her feet, a trait he knew more than he cared to admit. Sunhee is the realest person he met, yet at times he felt as if she's hiding behind a façade, a wall he can't seem to break through.


"You know, it's impolite to stare Luhan."


After those words were spoken, Luhan heard her heavy breath pass through her lips as she sighs deeply, and then she opens her eyes to look at him, her lips molding into a broken smile. The cold drink placed beside her is left untouched and forgotten, something Luhan didn't fail to notice. Sunhee was never the type to put anything to waste, and he wondered what it was that's bothering her so much.


"Yeah?" He takes step after step towards her, taking the seat beside her, but leaving enough space for her to breathe.


"Well, who's to say that's impolite when you just took off and left a man hanging, Sunhee?" He asks playfully, and he noticed how uncomfortable the girl has gotten.


Luhan didn't want to ask her why she did that in the first place. He didn't wish to intervene, but he couldn't help himself. He can tell that there was something so sad about Sunhee, something so raw and so vulnerable that it pains him to see her struggle to keep up a front. Sometimes he wished she'd stop acting so tough because he can easily see right through her. Luhan wished she'd just give in to her emotions and let him be her anchor because he knows deep down that he will do anything for this girl.


"I just needed some fresh air." Sunhee lifted her gaze, staring at the man beside her, yet for Luhan, it felt as if she's looking right past him, her eyes void of any emotions.


"It's about to start isn't it?"

The way she asked that question revealed nothing, but the tone in her voice sounded like a cry for help. Luhan couldn't decipher what those words meant. He knew it's not the photoshoot she's talking about, but whatever it was, he wished he knew, maybe then he can get rid of the pain that is straining her beautiful eyes.

"Sunhee, are you feeling okay? If you're not, then I'd be willing to cover for you."

He asked the question in a way the girl won't feel attacked, but Sunhee still felt that way somehow. It made her want to distance herself from everything and everyone and just pretend none of this was happening. She wanted to disappear, so she prayed for something to happen and just magically take her away from this pain she had to endure.

"I'm perfectly fine." She choked the words out . "You should go, your presence is much needed in the exhibit."


The truth is, her tears had dried up a long time ago and her heart is already numb. She doesn't understand why there are these sudden tears threatening to fall from her eyes, and her heart feels like it's being ripped from her chest. Maybe she's not okay. Maybe after five years she still mourns for something she didn't really have, for something that felt sincere yet turned out to be nothing but a lie. The reality slapped her back to her senses, making her want to curl into a ball and just cry her heart out until she passes out, but she told herself she'll never cry again, at least not because of him.

"I should get back inside. I'll let you know when we're done." She simply brushed past him and walk into the hotel, leaving Luhan alone in his train of thoughts.



Baekhyun watches as Sunhee enters the room, and then he turns to look to his right, seeing his friends who are still oblivious of her presence. When he turned to face Sunhee again, he saw that she's with the staff that she came with, probably hearing the news that said photoshoot is canceled as they go about their way to pack the equipment they had set up.


He shakes his head in disappointment, finding his plan to be foiled all because his friend had to go on and play a prank on Hyunmi.


He knew the engagement was only a way for his friend to get what he wanted, and Hyunmi claims that she felt nothing but hatred for the guy, but he immediately distanced himself from her because he didn't want history to repeat itself. He can tell that there's something brewing between the two, and as much as he's attracted to Hyunmi, he'd rather keep his friends by his side.


"Yes, I know we had an agreement." Hyunmi says the words in utter annoyance, Baekhyun can't help but smile. "But don't you dare think I won't back out. I am so done with your bull Kim Jongin!"


"You're getting worked up all because of a damn dress?"


Baekhyun watches as Hyunmi sighs deeply, her fingers on her temples as she tries her best to keep herself calm. He can tell by the way she looks at his friend that she has had it with him, and he really couldn't blame her. Jongin was getting a bit too much, and it's not like he's paying her to play the role of his endearing and lovely fiancée either


"Do you really think I'm acting this way because of a damn dress?" She rolls her eyes in annoyance, while Sehun who is beside the two started to laugh at Jongin who looks like he's about to his pants.


Never has Baekhyun seen Jongin to be this intimidated by a woman before, and he wished he had a camera with him, so he can make this memory last forever.


"You leave me no choice," Hyunmi says fuming. "I'm calling the engagement off."


Jongin's face grew pale, but it was for only a fraction of a second before he redeems himself again.


"This engagement is going to happen whether you like it or not Ms. Park."


At this point in time, the pair has already had everyone's attention. Everyone in that room stopped what they're doing to listen to the two bickering on and on about whether the engagement is gonna happen or not, but the only person in that room that matters seemed oblivious of her surrounding as she continues to do her job.


Baekhyun watches Sunhee carefully, wondering why she seemed unbothered, and when he noticed why, he couldn't help but smile. Baekhyu

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