A Shot At Redemption
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Poster c/o xoemma. Thank you sweetheart, this is lovely!

Please do note that OC (Sunhee) now has a name. Majority of those who voted in the poll wanted a name, so...




“Let me guess, your car broke down in the middle of the road again?”

“How did you know?”

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Chapter 1: girl these chapters be long as heck but OOOO your stories are really good !!
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Hello! Congratulations on your new job! And you don't have to be sorry for prioritizing your real life cause it's indeed the most important thing :) The reason why I upvoted this story was because I was SOO into flirtationship. The ride of emotion from that fanfict, the way Sehun just oh so suddenly left her. I can still feel the pain every time I reread that fict again. Through this fiction I really wanna see how the OC's moving on, how Sehun may have been miserable from all the years he spent without being with OC and maybe some payback from the OC? Haha ;) and I really appreciate you doing this give away!! I reaaaallyy want this album because I reaally wanna support my EXO baes as much as they have been supporting to me (indirectly and unconciously making me feel happy whenever I feel sad by watching and listening to them), but I don't have enough money as I've been trying to save up to give back to my parents and also support my own life bcs I live alone now that I'm in university, soo yeah, I hope I can win this giveaway :) thank you so much author nim for ur kind attention<3<3<3
Chapter 3: one word for sehun "jerk jerj jerk jerk" aaah i am hurting
i am one of his vjctim from flirtationship
sehun_9496 #4
Chapter 3: I got so excited cause I got a notification that the story has been updated but it hasn't ??
niaabdrazak #5
Chapter 3: Update juseyo ?
Somesillysoul #6
Interesting ♡
18 streak #7
Chapter 2: Sehun you bastard you befriend Jongin but left my girl behind if only it's possible that beat the out of you by getting inside this story
18 streak #8
Chapter 2: Thank God it's Jongin. But Sehun what the hell dude... Your girl is right there in front
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Chapter 1: I know Baekhyun isn't the groom Sehun is. But what the hell Baekhyun is planning. Damn leave me girl alone you piece of trash but then how story would move forward
I'm really er for angsty heart-wrenching fics so I upvoted this~ ♡ esp these kinds of plots of rekindling old flames :'(( congratulations for the feature! Looking forward to more angsty fics of ever you'll find more inspo to come back to writing! Hehe I subscribed to your stories. :) I wanna join the GA since I can't buy Love Shot albums yet instead helping a Kerrie to stream on Melon ~