A Hunter's Struggle


Hoseok was in a deep depression after his brother Yoongi got his wolf extracted. He turned to vampire hunting, to keep his pack safe with his mate Doyoung. As they get assigned a new team, things changed. Hoseok was in charge of one half of the team while Doyoung was in charge of the other half. What happens when Hoseok is sent on a mission without Doyoung? Will the pressure of teaching a new team get to him or will he pull through in the end and lead the team on a successful mission?


Hai~! Author-nim here with another story. Finally after a ton of tries Hobi and Doyoung get their own story~! Though Hobi will be without Doyoung throughout the majority of this story, I get to introduce a new group. The kids of Stray Kids! It felt right to have some rookies in as rookie vampire hunters so I thought this would be perfect~!


Hoseok: A pure blood werewolf who became a vampire hunter to keep what happened to his brother Yoongi from happening to everyone else. He knew it still happened occasionally but he was happy it had stopped for the time being. He is the leader of his own team now, which is half of a new rookie group of vampire hunters. He is usually seen hunting with his mate Doyoung, but he does do solo missions occasionally. He is quickly becoming well known in the vampire hunting world as one of the best hunters to work with teams.

Doyoung: A turned werewolf who is Hoseok's mate. He along with a fellow turned werewolf named Taeyong became the top vampire hunters in the US under Chanyeol's faction. He leads one of the top teams in the world along with Taeyong but has taken a new group under his wing to train them. He is aware of Hoseok's depression, and when they're apart Doyoung makes sure to check on him every day until they are together again.

Hyunjin: A wolf-human who is a pack alpha of a new pack in New York State. He came to the States from Europe after being appointed as the alpha of a new pack. He is one of the main hunters in the pack, and is the leader of one half of the group that is under Hoseok's wing. He can come off as head strong and stubborn at first, but is willing to listen since he is still young. He isn't the youngest in his pack, but he became alpha after his fellow friend and pack alpha for another pack Sungjin suggested it.

Jeongin: A wolf-human who is the youngest in the pack. He is often still seen as the pup since his wolf form is small in stature and still growing but he uses his small size to his advantage when hunting vampires. He became Hyunjin's beta after Hyunjin saw the potential in him. He is known for his way of thinking, which is similar to Sungjin's, and that helped him help Hyunjin with many decisions in the pack. Hyunjin jokingly refers to him as the next alpha though Jeongin has no real desire to become an alpha of a wolf pack.

Jisung: A wolf-human who is Hyunjin's second beta. Hyunjin had picked him as his beta because they were the same age, and Jisung was a rational thinker when it came to making decisions. He was at first hesitant on having their youngest be Hyunjin's 1st beta but after getting to know Jeongin he formed a brotherly bond with him.

Minho: A wolf-human who is the oldest in the team lineup for Hoseok, being only 2 years older than Hyunjin. He serves as the person to go to for the final say in things, since he had experience in packs who had older members before joining Hyunjin's pack. He was given the opportunity to become the pack alpha but he had refused, saying he would never be a good alpha like Hyunjin had been showing.

Chan: A wolf-human who is the leader of the team that Doyoung had taken under his wing. He along with fellow packmate Woojin are the oldest in the group. He made the decision to go with Doyoung's group as a way of testing Hyunjin, to see if he could do better as an alpha and a group leader. He was alpha of a smaller pack that had merged with Hyunjin's parent's pack so that was how they met. He wished Hyunjin luck on their missions, since he wanted the pack to stay together. It had been a test to see if their pack was ready to be an official pack.

Woojin, Changbin, Felix, and Seungmin: 4 wolf-humans who make up the other team with Chan who are under Doyoung. They were excited for this opportunity since it was rare to have packs form like this, and they support Hyunjin as the alpha.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Many thanks to the people at Cognoscenti Studios Graphics shop for the awesome poster~!

Pairing has been chosen. Look for the story in the future~!

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