Jeon Jungkook has spent the last ninety-nine years trapped inside his own body wondering if he was truly fated to live out the rest of his days alone. But then he meets Kim Taehyung who quite literally makes him human again and all he knows is that he was fated to love him forever. But love doesn't make you untouchable and forever can be over in a minute. And Jungkook knows that better than anyone...

Hello everyone - so lately I've been thinking about writing oneshots, but since I'm an insecure little child I worry about views so I'd just like to know if anyone would actually be interested in reading something like that ^^

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Loving_BTS_Always #1
I love this story so much! (╹◡╹)
hevabangtan #2
Chapter 37: You are alive phew haha. YoonMin are so adorable
kulitlang08 252 streak #3
Chapter 37: ok...that was cute...yoongi wanted to do mushy things with jimin...hehehe...

and that is not what love is then i don't know what is...

looking forward for the next update... :)
Chapter 37: Ooh I’m definitely interested in this whole Jin-Namjoon thing, I’ll be on the lookout so that’s for the heads up~
This chapter was so cute!! Argh my Yoonmin heart- it can’t take this <3<3
Chapter 37: Don’t worry Evie, we understand ~~ your human we too, we can’t expect you to always be here <3 I hope your enjoying NCT hehe
Chapter 36: Evie~~ it’s been a while since you updated. I hope your okay, make sure to take care of your health. Eat well, sleep well, and don’t overwork yourself.
Please return soon, we miss you <3
kulitlang08 252 streak #7
Chapter 36: i hope they all have the happy ending they deserve and nothing bad happens to any of them... :)
kulitlang08 252 streak #8
Chapter 36: thank you for this update...

looking forward for your next update...
hevabangtan #9
Chapter 36: Awe I missed Taekook so much I love thia chapter. I am so curious to know about Tae.

So 5 chapters left wow.
Chapter 36: This has been one of my favourite stories and everything about it is so beautiful. From the plot to your writing style it's so vivid and perfect. As mucd as I want to know the ending but I don't want this masterpiece to end either. It has been such an amazing journey and I loved it to bits♡