Not So One Sided Love

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 They say that the mid twenties is the golden age for both love and career.

Park Hyemi works hard to get ahead at her job as a commercial executive planner, with a secret side job as a well known fashion beauty lifestyle blogger. She enjoys everything about her job, except for one thing; her hot-tempered boss always seemed to be unsatisfied with everything that she does.

As a result, she dislikes her boss, Oh Sehun, very much, not understanding his unspoken love for her, the secret crush he had on her for years.

Suddenly one day, she is transferred to another team where her new boss happens to be her ex-boyfriend, Kim Myungsoo, and suddenly it seems like every man is looking her way.

Can Hyemi find success in both her career and romance?


 Oh Sehun (27)

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Park Hyemi (25)


[author’s note] Hi everyone! I’m not sure how this story is going to turn out but I got my inspiration from the web drama, Gogh’s Starry Night (it’s one of my favorite web dramas so check it out!) It won’t be exactly like that drama but there will be a few familiar scenes. I’ll be also updating my other fic, The Light to my Darkness regularly so be sure to check that out too~ I hope you enjoy this fic :)




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133 streak #1
Chapter 4: awwww.....i want to read more and more and more and more and mooorrreee of this story....
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Chapter 4: I miss this story.i knw you are busy but please update soon.
zangsia1 22 streak #3
Chapter 4: Sehun wanted to court her by moving her to team b or thinking she n L could reconcile....
Chapter 4: hahahaha~!!! this is so cute~
New reader here~ ^_^
Chapter 4: Hyemi's character is so bubbly abd cute... her reaction after Sehun hang up the phone is really funny... XD
22 streak #6
Chapter 4: They're so funny xD
Chapter 4: This is very good... Thanks for the update ^^
Jenniferegbo #8
Chapter 4: Thanks for updating regularly. Lovely story!
77_malou_b #9
Chapter 4: Thanks for the update, dear author.
Chapter 4: I like Hyemi's character, she's so cute and funny lol I totally want Sehun to find her blog when she does the star rating LOLOL