Catching Feelings


Do Kyungsoo is a trainee during his highschool. Beside living his dream as an artist, he also want to live as young man just like his peers.

Han So Ra, being Kyungsoo's classmates for three years, always hate him for no reason due to her past.

With some accident, curiosity, and attention they made things up better. As time goes by, where would they be?


It's my first time writing stories. I hope everyone like it esp those who admires Do Kyungsoo >.<

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Thank you!!!! ^^

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Rainbow35 #1
Chapter 11: reading it real fast with the speed of light, ended up regret it cause it ends too fast.
laughed at the "China and Japan lense" line, iykwim XD

If I were to be Sora, I would tell Kyungsoo that I wouldnt be here much longer and be like "lets do this, Kyung" But then it maybe affect Kyungsoo so much, as trainee activities already stressed him that much
and if i were to be Kyungsoo, i would let Sora know the fact that I already aware that she wouldnt be here anymore shortly after graduation, and choose to spend time together happily, but then again, Sora must be so sad and angry (maybe) to her aunt and uncle, and probably she would starve herself just like the last time.
*Dilemma T_T*

You made such a good story, Author! Keep it up! :3
I will definitely sit patiently, waiting for the next chapter :p
Rainbow35 #2
Chapter 9: This chapter made me smile from ear to ear!!!
Cant wait for the next chapter!
Smyt99 #3
Chapter 6: Our dearest author <3 how can you write such a good story like this, keep us updated pleaseee:) saranghaeeee :*