Your Name (Who Are You?)

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Do you believe in destiny? Or is that just of bunch of hocus pocus? What about weird fortune tellers sitting at the edge of the city market?

Jungkook lived in Busan, and Jimin lived in Seoul. They were both complete strangers, with completely different lives, interests, friends, you name it! If they were to one day bump into each other, they would just brush it off and walk different ways. 

Jimin had always dreamed of visiting Busan. Of course as his hometown, it was obviously a must. But when his parents had moved to Seoul when he was only 2 years old, he was never really able to visit his roots. 

Jungkook dreamed of living in Seoul. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see the bright lights giving the city life. He could see the busy streets of the horrendous traffic on the roads, and the people with high fashion walking on the sidewalk. 

On April 24, 2017 9:45pm, their lives completely changed.

After being oddly stopped by some rip-off fortune teller in their cities, they both told their stories and dreams and were spooked off as the fortune teller chanted a bunch of jibberish into the air.

Waking up in a completely different room, in a completely different body wasn't how Jungkook or Jimin had planned to wake up the next morning of their odd night. 








Hey guys! So I'm back with another BTS story, I know I know, Leslie you haven't even finished your other stories, why are you writing a new one? Well! If you really want to know, I had come across this amazing video on Tumblr, and was completely inspired! After watching this video (the trailer up above) I just had to message the creator and ask if I could make their amazing work into a fanfic, and she happily agreed!! :)

Her name is Vilma, and if you enjoyed watching her fmv and want more, make sure to check out her YouTube channel! I promise you, she has so many more and they're all so greatly made and just wow :(

I want to give her full credit for this story, because if it wasn't for her fmv, I wouldn't have gotten this idea to write the story in the first place. I know the description to the story is quite boring and not very well written, but if you read the description that is written under the original video on her YouTube channel, I guarantee you that you will completely get the story, but I do warn you SPOILERS!! So if you'd rather just go with the my description and the video that is perfectly fine!

Of course I'm going to link her YouTube channel and tumblr down below for you guys to see and cry over all her beautiful fmv's :) I really do hope you enjoy the story, and don't forget to message this lovely person and thank them for inspiring me with this amazing fanfic!

Th story is based on the Japanese movie "Your Name" and at first I had no idea that the fmv was basically telling the story. I did finally watch the movie, and because I don't want to be plagiarizing, I will be changing up the plot a bit, but sort of the same idea.

I hope you all enjoy reading, and give me lots of feedback, to all my old readers, welcome back my Spring Flowers! And to the new readers, welcome to the family :)

Please don't forget to subscribe and upvote as the story goes! I love you all! <3

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Also! I would love to give a special thanks to the lovely LadyRosetta for the amazing poster! Her work is truly amazing guys, like I mean c'mon the poster says it all! She has just recently opened a new shop, and it is probably the most adorable one I've ever seen yet! Please please please check her shop out, and make sure to request! Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed! She works well with what you give her, and she tries her very best to give you exactly what you guys request for. Click her cute banner below and check out her work! Don't forget to request!!




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Finally updated after so long! I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you guys think :) <3


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