Fire Escape

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One-shots all set in the same universe. 9 girls live in the same apartment building and share a fire escape.  Watch as they find their way through their twenties. Going through love, loss, friendship and laughter with the same fire escape as a backdrop.




So I kind of view this like it's a television series, so in this way:

SERIES 1 (Chapters 1 - 20): Nayeon and Jeongyeon are beginning to get serious, Jihyo begins dating, Momo and Dahyun fight the ual tention between them, Chaeyoung nearly gets arrested, Mina tries cooking, Sana likes a girl in uniform and CAN EVERYONE STOP BREAKING INTO TZUYU'S APARTMENT!

SERIES 2 (Chapters 21 - 40): Nayeon and Jeongyeon finally adopt their daughter and struggle with parenting, Momo wants to be a good friend, Sana's got a bad French accent, around, Jihyo is overbearing, Mina is a catch and Chaeyoung hates it, Dahyun is stuggling and Tzuyu feels guilty. WHO INVITED THEIR PARENTS INTO THIS MESS???

SERIES 3 (Chapters 41 - 60): Nayeon will never light a candle again, Jeongyeon has a flamethrower, Momo is jealous and hungry.....mostly jealous, Sana be snaking, Jihyo is out, Mina is done with your , Chaeyoung is at war with crabs, Dahyun is unknowingly evil and Tzuyu is also there. THEY ALL BE LYIN'!

SERIES 4 (Chapters 61 - 80): Nayeon is going to kill their estate agent, Jeongyeon can't stop her, Momo has to be an adult, Sana is getting her life back, Jihyo is in a hard place, Mina has to be the sane one,  Dahyun is getting better, Chaeyoung is getting a goldfish and Tzuyu's in goddamn Beijing. IT'S THE LAST SEASON!

Feel free to leave prompts in the comments, only rule really being that they must all take place in the universe I have created here. All ships are outlined in the first chapter along with what the heck is going on!






Prompts don't all have to be romantic! Please feel free to offer friendships, funny situations or hurt/comfort for all 9 to be involved in. I have some planned anyhow but prompts are always welcome! 

Hope you enjoy!




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