Chapter 4

The Encounters
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Myungsu and Jonghyun quickly ran over towards the scream. People were crowded around. There lies Seungho on the ground, twitching.

“Everyone back off, back off” Jonghyun ordered. The remaining members arrived to assist him.

Myungsu glanced around the area to see if there is anyone suspicious. No one. President Kang and his daughter, Sarang arrived to see Seungho’s body on the ground. President Kang let out a loud cry. Sarang covered as she was in shock.

“President Kang,” Myungsu approached them. “I apologize. However, do you know who was with your son earlier or did he interact with anyone?”

“Park…Jiyeon.” Sarang said. “Oppa was talking with Park Jiyeon earlier.”

Myungsu looked at her. “Who is this person?”

“She is one of the executive vice president at Gaze. She was a special guest I’ve invited along with Hong Taehyung.” Present Kang explained.

“Do you know if they’ve known each other before?”

Sarang shook her head. “Oppa just came back from Europe after five years.”

Myungsu whispered to Ahyeon and Minhyuk to find more information on Park Jiyeon and to invite her to the station.

While waiting inside Myungsu’s office, Jiyeon causally looked around. The door opened and Myungsu gave a slightly bow and sat down on one of the couch. Jiyeon returned and sat across from him.

“I heard you’re looking for me.” She said. “Is it about the Kang’s family?”

Myungsu nodded.

“Ah, I see.”

“Ms. Park, I heard you were with the Kang Seungho’s the night he died.”


“What were you two doing?”

“What else? Casually talking of course.” She said. “However, I did gave him nice slap though.”

“Why?” Myungsu questioned with a blank face.

“Cause he was being inappropriate. I don’t like nor have time to deal with losers like him.”

“Where did you go after?”

“Home. I wasn’t feeling well.”

“Do you have an alibi for that?”

“Surely you don’t think I killed the dude do you?”

Myungsu shrugged.

“You can ask my partner, Hong Taehyung.” She gave him Taehyung’s card. “He escorted me home. If that’s not enough, you can ask my two roommates. They were home when I came home.”

“Of course we will check on that.”

Jiyeon stood up and head towards the door. “Oh and don’t say I didn’t cooperate with you, but you might want to check out the Kang’s underground business.”

As Jiyeon was heading out the police station, she bumped into Ahyeon.

“Sorry.” Ahyeon said.

Jiyeon continued walking away.

“Sheesh what’s w

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