Chapter 1

The Encounters
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“Yeah yeah yeah.”

“What’s for dinner?”

“Are we still on for tonight?”

“Let’s go shopping.”


People were at the Square, talking with each other, on the phone, walking around. Cars and busses were driving on the road. It was a typical 5pm Friday evening where people are heading home from work.


*BAM* a guy fall on the ground. Blood was coming from his forehead; a bullet has gone through it. He laid there, motionless. People surrounded him, yelling, screaming, parents covering their kids’ eyes.


“Sir.” A uniformed police officer approached the Captain of the Black Shield.


“How is the situation?”


“Forensic is on the scene. We have contained the area as much as possible."


The rest of the team arrived on the scene and looked around the surrounding.


“Have we find out who this person is?” Jonghyun asked.


“His name is Oh Jiho, the owner of the Forever Loan company.” the police officer answered.


Jonghyun nodded and the guy. The team member begun to discuss the current situation.


“Based on the angle of the bullet, the person has to be from a highrise.” Minhyuk said. He looked at the area highrise, a total of six highrise buildings.


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