More than a bodyguard


Kim Anna is a 18 years old heiress of Kim corporation. She is the only daughter and maknae of the family that's why she have a bodyguard unlike her brothers. She used to like Taeyong but since she met his half brother, Sehun, she became attached to him. She is bubbly, shy, doesn't like strangers and cannot go out without a bodyguard. She hates the idea of being followed 24/7 so she often tries to runaway from home and from her bodyguard.

Kim Suho, eldest son and is overprotecting his siblings. Although he is 26, he sometimes act like a child when he is at home. He is the CEO since his father retirement. Although in front of everyone the company is normal but in reality they are dealing with drugs.

Kim Kai is Anna second older brother, he is 23 years old. He considers Sehun as his best friend. He likes to party and play with women's heart but never let his sister see this side of him.

Oh Sehun is a 23 years old bodyguard. He lost his father right after he was born, his mother decided to marry another man. He is the half-brother of Lee Taeyong. He treats him like his real little brother. He started to work for Kim family when he was 18 because his step father doesn't want to see him at his house anymore. At 20, he was the favorite bodyguard of Anna's father so he became her personal bodyguard. He is stubborn, cold and arrogant when he doesn't know the person but once he knows you, he becomes talkative.

Lee Taeyong is Sehun half-brother. He is Anna best friend and classmate. His father treat him better than Sehun because he wants to have Anna as his daughter in law in order to expand Lee entertainment.


"Where is Anna ?" Sehun asked Taeyong.

"Hyung, she went a hour ago. She didn't told you?" Taeyong replied

"Aish" he lets out a sigh of exasperation. "She runaways again from home. I was supposed to drive her to see Kai in the airport since he returns today from his business trip."


Hi, it's my first attempt to write a fanfiction. Please leave a comment if you don't understand something or if there is some mistakes because English is not my first language. Hope you like it.


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