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A collection of short stories featuring DAY6's...

Park Jaehyung / Jae

Park Sungjin, 

Kang Younghyun / Young K / Brian Kang

Kim Wonpil, 

Yoon Dowoon, 

and you. 

From fluff, to angst, to AUs, you'll find them all here.



lyricalwritings is back with a 10th fanfic! Any feedback is loved and appreciated :) 

All plots are purely mine. Please do not plagarise. Any similarities are purely coincedental. Inspiration from other sources will be given due credit.

Disclaimer: I am technically on hiatus and this story is marked as complete but I may occasionally update this page if inspiration strikes me at the most unlikely times

Poster credit: babo graphic shop 

This story is part of Daydream: a Day6 writing contest. Do check out the other entries as well! ^^

my last dance - young k up next :)

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Chapter 18: Darling,
This story is definitely my favourite out of all the stories i have ever read from you and gosh.. i am really curious how much inspiration did you get from your own life. I hope you are okay and do recieve helf when you're in need. Since I recieve helf hardly too -being stubborn as hell - this whole thing just hit me right in the face. It was an amazing short story and gosh... i just can't put my thoughts into coherent sentences. So sorry!!!
Love you xx
Chapter 16: Darling,
OMG this was sooooo fluff and sweet and gosh, I am dead. The last sentence just gave me the death sentence (lol). Anyway, I want you to know that this story literally made my day and even though I worked for eight hours, right now I cannot think about anything but a kissing scene. I have to turn on my pink laptop to write something short and lovely. Thank you so much. Oh, and thanks to you, I start to like Dowoon even more. Is it even possible after the basketball short story? Amazing!
Have a nice day xx
Chapter 15: Darling,
I'm at McDonald's, drinking my coffee and gosh, the fact that there are still stories I didn't read just popped up in my mind. I really liked this one, and the message it carries because I am young and confused, trying to find my place in the world. I especially liked the beginning, because even though I do adult things as working I still cannot decide what to eat :') Oh, and the road trip. I like road trips so damn much. I really would like to live this way, always on the road. I don't want a boring life, the thought alone chokes me. Aish... this story just touched my heart.
I love you xx
297 streak #4
Chapter 28: When I first saw the picture I thought it was beautiful. After I read the story it was beautifully sad.
297 streak #5
Chapter 27: Keke, Brian, he's so cheesy.
297 streak #6
Chapter 26: Random strangers with good intentions can make your life better.
297 streak #7
Chapter 25: Waaa, it was so right, even if the only thing you do in a year is survive, it is enough.
Also, Wonpil's booty dance, haha.
297 streak #8
Chapter 24: You won? That's awesome, congrats.
297 streak #9
Chapter 23: I don't have words for saying how incredible cute this was. From Wonpil who brought her to Brian, to the latter flirting, it was so cuteeeee. And the thing with the Christmas present melted me completely.
297 streak #10
Chapter 22: The gif is so pretty.