Who's that?

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Hyojin has hired a new temporary assistant and everyone at the office is curious on their relationship.


Just a drabble for Lesol. I would've wrote something longer, but I'm super busy yet my heart has been aching on writing some lesol. So I hope you enjoy! ♥

Give me a day or two to update :)


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Chapter 1: Wow. I enjoyed this story very much. Specially the whole gang and a few cameos from Soyou, Hyolyn and Hyuna. Thank you for sharing and writing this wonderful story! It’s so funny and playful!
Chapter 1: This is why you don’t jump to conclusions lol, it can lead to problems like this but it can be really funny as well. This was great fluffy story with great characters and very interesting plot. They all have good chemistry and are all very likable, as well as being relatable. The plot was easy to follow and was very realistic. All the interactions were done well and they all felt like they know each other for a long time. Which helps draw you and feel like you’re apart of there life’s ^_^. Thank you very much for the great story ^_^.
Chapter 1: (Comment in progress ~ please wait) Thank you
Chapter 1: Omg this is so cute and the other three are dumb af LMAO.
Chapter 1: Omg, the first 2 sentences already had me cracking up, imagining the 3 of them just staring at the door, I can't XD

Wopwop for including Sistar! I see what you're doing there with Soyou/Hyorin though. Trying to counter my Soyou/Bora, eh? I got my eye on you, missy!
I could jsut IMAGINE Hyorin's face as she asked Soyou what was wrong with only staying inside 5 minutes ^^ Too funny.
(Bonus points for including Sistar went right out of the window when I saw 'Hyuna' though. Or wait, nvm. Imma pretend it's Moon Hyuna just because I can mhuahahahaha)
Everyone looking elsewhere when Solji looked though, amazing. I wouldn't. She's too beautiful to look elsewhere! APPRECIATE HER NETIZENS!

Omg, Hyerin & Junghwa battling it out. I LOVE THIS! I laughed all through.
Of course Hani is the observer. I swear, she's always so considerate.

"una", I swear your writing is gonna kill me (in the best way possible, of course)

"Gimme a cookie kid", SERIOUSLY what Hyerin would do. I'm convinced. A+.
(I identify with her). VOLDEMORT *dead* Y u do this to me omg. I am dying.

Probably my fav story of yours up until now! I was laughing from start to end :D Well done, authornim ♥ ^^
Chapter 1: This is so cute. Omg I need more of these two
Asdfghjkl!!! OFFICE AU SOLE?!?!?!?! IM IN! *breathing intwnsifies* bring it on!!