Only Good Times

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Yunho and Jaejoong reconnect and try to rebuild on what was once broken. Story is based on many actual events and is a collection of YunJae moments. Prepare for a feel trip. (AKTF, OT5)



Hi everyone! This story was made to showcase YunJae's precious love which is both heartbreaking and sweet. I hope you give this a chance and go through Changmin's angsty monologue. Things will get better and many chapters feature a YunJae or AKTF moment. Also, this is the one reason I joined AFF, to publish this story that was pulled from the heart. 

Please support this and enjoy their journey to the happy ending that they truly deserve. It is both an honor and my pleasure to write about them. 

Do read slowly!! Comments are so welcome, as well as new friends! To all my wonderful readers, I love you! :)

credits to ischan (twitter: @jjae_09) for the cover! It's so pretty <3


So you guys are just reading the rated chapter?? hahah! Enjoy~ Don't forget to comment/upvote. It makes my day. ❤❤

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30 streak #1
Chapter 31: This made me cry so badly TvT Yoochun... Looking forward the next chapter! And continuing "You are my drug" in the meantime!
30 streak #2
Chapter 30: OMG this chapter was so full of feelings... in the beginning I was so sad when you write "this was on 2007", I somehow hoped they all met again TvT my heart TvT. ah, their "marriage".. the memories... And NIne~ Nine is definitely for Yun xP Jae is not good at trying to hide things xD
30 streak #3
Chapter 29: Sorry JaeJae, but Yun has more reasons to get jealous and mad about xDDD
30 streak #4
Chapter 28: I felt (a biiit) sorry for BoA in this chapter xP Yunho told her the truth * - * I definitely love Yun here * - * ahahaha I remember those interviews xD BoA picked Yun, Jae picked Min (and Yun said it was a wrong choice xDDD) and Yun chose Jae xP
30 streak #5
Chapter 27: Oh my god o////o it was so romantic and hot at the same time
30 streak #6
Chapter 26: All this cuteness is killing meee *____* I remember that Jae was feeling unwell because it was too hot hihihi Did he sing It's only my world? It's one of my favourite songs!
30 streak #7
Chapter 25: OMG Yunho!! His words made my heart skip a beat! He is so romantic and resolute!
30 streak #8
Chapter 24: The hug *____* ah.. the memories... I miss YunJae these days TvT Thank you for reviving so many precious memories <3
30 streak #9
Chapter 23: "She hoped that what she'd shared with Jaejoong when they talked caused a pain in his heart" she is mean =___= Jae, don't be jealous, Yun has eyes for you only hihihi
30 streak #10
Chapter 22: Awwww the letter is so cute~ what about BoA's one? Is she going to confess to Yunho??