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In which CEO of D'or Magazine, Park Chanyeol falls hopelessly in love with a blank and lost college student, Byun Baekhyun.





As Chanyeol was taking a stroll through the college that was close to the cafe that he just had lunch at, he heard the small laughter that honestly sounded like the heavens. Looking around to see where the noise came. Soon he was faced with a short male with soft brown hair, and Chanyeol couldn't help but fall in love; hopelessly.


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I honestly write too many fanfics involving the Nation's boyfriend. But this prompt was inspired by @spookybyun_ on IG, and honestly, this is such a cute prompt. I hope I don't let anyone down. Also, CEO!PCY is the ultimate kink.


[231017] also a big thanks to the amazing JELLY BUBBLE Graphic shop for making me such a pretty, clean, and honestly amazing poster.

[301217] The three-shot has finally finished. Thank you for subbing, commenting, and upvoting; all actions are deeply appreciated and loved. Thank you for reading.


Thank you so much for all the votes, subs, and comments you guys give me. I enjoyed writing this fanfiction so much, it's one of my favourite stories to write.
I will be writing bonus chapters on the couples! So please, keep showing love to the story.
Thank you for all the support. xoxo

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Chapter 4: I might die a diabetic due to this sweet treat ahhh i love love-life
Chapter 4: This is very cutee
Chapter 4: cuteee,,

(I saw BC and was like, da hell is BC but once you mentioned bonues chapter i finally got it lmao)
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 3: I really liked this :) if you could make a bonus chapter only about chanbaek that'd be great <3
softiejongdae #5
Chapter 3: Kaisoo is so cute!!!
\(^0 ^)/
Chapter 3: this was scute omg
erunino09 #7
Chapter 3: this is so cute !! I hope Tao's wishes come true, to meet Chanyeol, Sehun, and Kai
233 streak #8
Chapter 3: Wow! This story is so fluffy and cute!!! I need more stories like tthis!!!
Chapter 3: so cute ㅠㅠ
Chapter 3: Its cuteeee (when im reading and there's my country, why KrakówXD)