Apartment #706

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Song Kyung Mi enjoyed her peaceful life living in Apartment #708. 

She rarely leaves her apartment, not even hearing a single human voice on some days.

However, her quiet life is shattered when new neighbors moved next door.

Nine of them to be exact.

And she appeared to be the center of their focus.








Credit to Fairvoyance Graphics for the beautiful poster!

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please update soon
You have a great start here, hope you get the chance to update.
Chapter 1: This sounds interesting can't wait to read more and find out more about Kyung Mi And the boys

personally I think it is a bit to early to ship anyone yet (:
Chapter 1: I think its too early for me to ship one of them with Kyung Mi. I want to see the man i like first haha xd
Chapter 1: Waa! So good and cute. And Kyung Mi is a homebody just like me! Really remind me of myself. I too uncomfortable meeting strangers
_felicia_mariah #6
Chapter 1: Omg this is intresting!!! Fighting!!! Authornim!!!